on May 20th, 2022

Grace Traeger is our intrepid Graphic Designer based in our Perth office. A few weeks ago she gave us chapter and verse on branding at the Engineering Institute of Technology.

Despite my initial lack of enthusiasm, I thoroughly enjoyed the session. It also reminded me of a most unexpected, but rather wonderful discovery in the middle of the Western Cape last month.

Photo: Edwina Ross

After a frustrating hiatus of two years, Steve Mackay and I were back in South Africa.

Between seminars, meetings with universities, a week with our wonderful team based in Gauteng (and visiting family scattered across the country) we managed to escape for a couple of days.

We landed up in Tulbagh. In the small town, we ventured into a café.

When our coffees turned up, however, we struggled to drink them – not because they weren’t delicious, but because we couldn’t bring ourselves to destroy these cute little critters!

We got chatting to the clever barista, Kiana Loubser, and it made me realise that creativity surrounds us - in all shapes and forms.

Engineers are endlessly tasked with problem-solving and for this, they tap into their inventiveness, ingenuity and stores of resourcefulness – qualities which are inspired by imagination.

And, as with Kiana’s latte creations, all talents improve with practice and persistence. I am also certain they begin to stand out, when enjoyment is part of this process of growth.

I gave Kiana my business card - without dreaming that she would use it for inspiration - but then she considered it a challenge, which we know is a motivation in itself.

Grace, as mentioned, is our Graphic Designer. She pointed out that EIT’s brand identity must be strong and consistent. She outlined why:

  • It helps differentiate us from other providers, giving us a long-term competitive advantage.
  • It leads to increased recognition and brand awareness.
  • And it builds loyalty and trust helping to keep EIT top-of-mind.

She also talked about the importance of colour, she mentioned that ‘colour is an integral part of brand identity and consistent use of the colour palette reinforces the cohesiveness of the brand.’

Notwithstanding, I do believe that Grace would be won over.

It was wonderful to be back in South Africa and to have spent time with the lovely South African people – who, despite it all, remain resilient, positive and indeed inspired.

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