on June 5th, 2021

Nowadays, ever-increasing energy demands and the depletion of fossil fuels require efficient and environmentally friendly technologies for energy generation. In this context, energy systems integration makes for a very strong proposition since it results in energy saving, fuel diversification, and the supply of cleaner energy.

To this end, it is of the utmost importance to realize the current developments in this field and portray the state of the art of renewable generation in integrated energy systems.

This review evaluates the utilization of bioenergy in cogeneration and trigeneration systems.

The statistical reports of bioenergy and combined heat and power deployments in 28 countries of the European Union are discussed. Then, the most common research objectives of biomass-fueled combined heat and power systems are classified into three primary performance analyses, namely, energy and exergy analysis, thermo-economic optimization, and environment assessment.

The influencing parameters of biomass utilization on each type of assessment are discussed, and the basic principles for carrying out such analyses in energy systems are explained.

It is illustrated that the properties of feedstock, selection of appropriate conversion technology, associated costs with the biomass-to-bioenergy process, and sustainability of biomass are the primary influencing factors that could significantly affect the results of each assessment.

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