on December 16th, 2020

In the current state-of-the-art for smart grid technology, A key proponent for progress has been the advances made in the domain of smart meters.

Essentially, smart meters are digital devices that use the wireless radio frequency (RF) technology to communicate in real-time with the energy utility company.

Similar to their cell phone counterparts, smart meters too remain accessible and maintain compatibility by employing wireless infrastructure.

As a consequence, smart meters emit RF radiation.

While a lot of studies cover topics related to the level of impact RF radiation causes, the objective of this paper is to show how the radiation power of a single unit smart meter is absorbed by the human body, more specifically, by the human head.

Health concerns already arise for smart meters, also known as advanced metering infrastructure (AMI).

To maintain the RF exposure regulation by FCC, IEEE, and ICNIRP, the specific absorption rate (SAR) calculation is an important issue.

To the author’s best knowledge, this paper reviews the analytical power and SAR calculation as well as shows the results to increase the public awareness for smart meter radiation.

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