on October 10th, 2022

Recently the annual QILT survey results were announced.

The Quality Indicators for Learning and Teaching (QILT) are a suite of government-endorsed surveys for higher education, across the student life cycle from commencement to employment. Thousands of students participate in the survey every year.

Despite competing with Australia’s largest and most established universities, EIT did exceptionally well:

In 2019/2020 and in 2020/2021 – EIT was ranked:

 #1 for Quality of Educational Experience in Undergraduate programs (across 55 engineering faculties).

 #2 for Quality of Educational Experience in Postgraduate programs (across 36 engineering faculties).

And in 2020/2021 – EIT was ranked:

 #2 for Student Support in both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs. 

 #3 for Teaching Quality in both Undergraduate and Postgraduate programs.

You can check EIT results and compare them with other providers at ComparEd.

EIT ranks significantly higher than the industry average in engineering, in the key areas of student experience and support, teaching quality, and skill development. *based on the aggregated results from the QILT SES 2019/2020 & 2020/2021

These rankings suggest that EIT’s platforms of learning – online and on-campus – are considered some of the best in Australia.

This success is not accidental; it is the result of a commitment to quality education and continuous improvement by all staff at EIT. Our approach is based on a robust strategy with engineering excellence and the students at the heart of it all.

Here are 5 reasons why EIT is at the forefront of engineering education

  1. EIT’s teaching and learning are backed by in-depth research

Approaches to teaching and learning have changed significantly over the last ten to fifteen years. With our innovative platform of learning, EIT makes every effort to remain at the cutting-edge of modern educational technology, and our academics dedicate significant time to researching the best teaching methods. Find some of the white papers we have published here.

Furthermore, EIT’s state-of-the-art remote and virtual labs are undergoing regular upgrades and redevelopment to ensure we meet the requirements of students working in (or heading into) fast-paced engineering industries.

EIT’s unique delivery methodology ensures students can confidently acquire the necessary knowledge and practical skills, whether studying remotely (while working full-time) or on-campus.

2. All programs can be completed online

EIT is one of the few institutes in the world specializing in engineering, where all courses can be studied online. Students can complete micro-credentials for professional development, or enroll in qualifications – from diplomas through to bachelor’s and master’s degrees, and a Doctor of Engineering. This range of study options facilitates life-long learning and is designed to suit individual career goals and skill sets.

EIT’s online delivery methodology makes use of live and interactive tutorials, during which students meet their international pool of expert lecturers (and fellow students) in real-time. They have dedicated learning support officers, and 24-hour access to state-of-the-art technologies, such as the remote and virtual laboratories (mentioned above) and simulation software.

Key benefits of online delivery for students:

  • It is achievable while working full-time.
  • It is accessible to students globally who may otherwise not have the opportunity to reach a campus and the courses they wish to study.
  • It provides students with a unique global perspective on engineering and a worldwide network of peers.

3. EIT offers accredited education

EIT understands that students need accredited and recognized qualifications to apply for engineering positions. To this end, many EIT programs have received recognition, endorsement, and accreditation from industry bodies around the world.

EIT’s degree programs are regulated and endorsed by the Australian Government’s Tertiary Education Quality and Standards Agency (TEQSA)  (#PRV14008), and EIT is also a recognized CRICOS Provider (#03567C).

As a Registered Training Organization (RTO), EIT’s vocational qualifications are regulated by the Australian Government’s Australian Skills Quality Authority (ASQA) (# 51971).

Many of the qualifications offered by EIT are endorsed by Engineers Australia. As a signatory to the International Engineering Accords, these qualifications are automatically recognized in a number of overseas jurisdictions.

4. Students have expert and ongoing support

EIT understands that student support is critical to the success of learners. This is why we have Learning Support Officers (LSO) to guide and assist students from registration to graduation, for all non-academic issues.

For academic support, students have qualified and experienced lecturers, and for help with the remote and virtual labs, the IT team is available.

Essentially, students have a team of dedicated supporters throughout their time with EIT.

5. EIT graduates are globally mobile

As mentioned, EIT’s pool of teachers is drawn from all over the world. The students are also an amalgam of nationalities; the majority of whom are working in the industry. This international mix of engineering expertise gives students a broad perspective of the industry, and a network of peers, who together, create a collaborative academic learning (and working) global community.

Furthermore, EIT’s programs are designed and continuously improved by a body of transnational industry experts, to ensure students graduate with cutting-edge skills which are valued by employers around the world.

Don’t miss your opportunity to become part of the EIT story and join thousands of students currently studying with us. Enroll in one of our courses, or visit the EIT Virtual Open Day to find out more about us!

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