The EIT Dean’s Scholarship is offered as a recognition of high achievement to students who have achieved outstanding results.

Value: 15% reduction on your first year course tuition fees

Number offered:
On-campus – 10 per intake
Online – 10 per intake
(The EIT Dean’s Scholarship has now been exhausted for on campus students for Semester 1 2024.)

Applicable To: Future BachelorMaster and Doctorate students

Delivery Locations: Online, Perth, Melbourne

  • Must be starting one of EIT’s higher education courses
  • Must meet or exceed the English Language Proficiency requirement for the specific course of study
  • Must meet all other entry requirements for the course, plus at least an overall average of 65% (or equivalent result) in a congruent Bachelor Degree [for entry to EIT Master Degrees.
  • Must meet all other entry requirements for the course, plus at least an overall average of 65% in grade 12 (or highest level award in equivalent pathway), +plus 65% result in all Maths units [for entry to EIT Bachelor Degrees]
  • No more than 5 backlogs

  • Please complete and submit the Scholarship Application Form along with your course application.
  • If you have already submitted your course application, you can still send in your Scholarship Application to:
  • Cut-off date for scholarship applications is 1 month prior to the start date of the course.

  • The scholarship value is equal to a 15% reduction on the first year total course tuition.
  • The scholarship discount will be divided evenly across the total amount of units in the course and applied each semester to each unit being undertaken, not in a lump sum.
  • The scholarship only covers tuition fees and does not cover any other non-tuition fees or expenses.
  • Students must successfully pass all units attempted each semester/term otherwise the scholarship will be revoked by EIT.
  • The scholarship will be forfeited if the student defers their course or withdraws from the course, unless otherwise approved by EIT.
  • If a student is involved in any academic misconduct, owes a debt to EIT (i.e. does not pay fees on time) or becomes a student at risk at any time during their course then the scholarship will be forfeited.
  • The scholarship will not be extended beyond the prescribed course duration or tuition fee amount unless notified otherwise by EIT.
  • Scholarships may be applied only toward tuition fees and are subject to review in the case of enrolment changes, extension of the course of study beyond the normal program length, or external tuition scholarship support which, when combined with the EIT’s scholarship, exceeds the cost of tuition.
  • The 10% reduction will only apply to units to be studied by the student. If a student receives Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL), the course tuition fee amount will be reduced accordingly and the 10% scholarship will only apply to the reduced course tuition fee amount.
  • Must be full fee-paying, without existing scholarships. Students can apply for multiple scholarships, but will only be awarded one scholarship
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