postgraduate engineering study options at EIT
EIT Postgraduate Courses Overview

What is available to you?

At EIT we have a range of postgraduate engineering education options available. If you meet Master’s-level entry requirements*, you have the choice of applying for a Graduate Certificate (6 months – 4 units), a Graduate Diploma (12 months – 8 units), or a Master’s degree (2 years).

Whichever option you choose, these course types are all Australian-accredited postgraduate qualifications (some of our Master’s degrees are also internationally recognized).

If you are looking to progress your career with a shorter engineering qualification, our Graduate Certificate (6 months – 4 units) or Graduate Diploma (12 months – 8 units) qualifications are a great choice. These courses will introduce students to advanced and complex problems of the relevant discipline. The units are drawn from the relevant Master’s degree program.

Full credit into EIT Master’s Degree programs is available for those wishing to proceed. If you successfully complete one of our Graduate Certificates or Graduate Diplomas, you will receive full credit for the units you’ve completed should you choose to study the relevant discipline* Master’s degree afterward.

Entry Requirements for Postgraduate Engineering Courses

All applications are assessed on a case-by-case basis by the EIT Admissions team, and meeting the minimum admission criteria does not guarantee entry to our programs. For the most detailed description of the entry criteria please refer to the relevant course page, and please feel free to contact our Course Advisors should you need any clarification.

As a general rule, to get entry into one of the Graduate Diploma of Engineering, or Master of Engineering, students are required to meet three main criteria:

Previous education criteria for Graduate Diploma entry includes:

An appropriate level of English Language Proficiency:

Evidence of mathematical competence:

Graduate Certificates entry requirements

Graduate Certificates are shorter qualifications and can be utilized by candidates with either Vocational or Higher education backgrounds. Upon successful completion of an EIT Graduate Certificate, students may progress to Graduate Diploma of Master of Engineering qualification – subject to the EIT Admissions Team’s decision.

Applicants are required to:

Engineering Institute of Technology