On-Campus Application Guide: International Students

Our future international students have the option of applying for an on-campus degree through one of EIT’s Education Agents or by submitting a direct application. We encourage applications to be submitted via an education agent to facilitate a smoother process of collating all crucial documents, as this reduces the risk of getting a visa refusal.

Whichever method you choose to start your on-campus journey at EIT, our Course Advisors and Admissions Team will be available throughout the process to answer any queries.

Hope you will find this On-Campus Application Guide for International Students useful for your next application with EIT!

On-Campus Application Process

The on-campus application process for international students involves a number of steps to obtain crucial documents needed for EIT to assess your course application. These documents ensure you are covered for your stay in Australia across your study duration, and ensure you can be successful in your application to enroll in an EIT course, pending a successful visa outcome.

If you have chosen to use an education agent or would like to use one, one of our Course Advisors will be able to connect you to a suitable agent in your region.

If you have applied directly through EIT (without an education agent), the obtaining and providing of relevant documents to support your application will need to be arranged by you. It is important that you are able to provide proof of these documents when applying.

The flowchart below helps simplify the process of on-campus application, helping you be aware of the stages involved and ensure you feel supported throughout the journey.

Our on-campus application process can be broken down into 4 simple stages:

1. Submit an on-campus application – await Conditional Letter of Offer

Submit your application, either directly to EIT or through an EIT Education Agent on behalf of you. Our Admissions Team will then assess your academic suitability for the course. If all submitted documents are valid and your academic suitability is approved, you can expect to receive your Conditional Letter of Offer within 2-3 working days.

If further documents are needed, you will be notified by your agent of by the EIT Admissions Team.

2. Review your Conditional Letter of Offer – await Unconditional Letter of Offer

Once you receive a Conditional Letter of Offer, you will need to undergo a Genuine Temporary Entrant (GTE) Assessment through our Admisisons Team. This process requires the submission of: conditional documents (outlined in your Conditional Letter of Offer), a written Statement of Purpose, and provision of financial documents. A GTE interview may be required in some circumstances. If you pass the GTE Assessment and satisfy all conditions, you can expect to receive an Unconditional Letter of Offer from us.

If going through an education agent, these conditional documents will be compiled and submitted by them to EIT on your behalf.

3. Review your Unconditional Letter of Offer – await CoE

In order to receive your Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE), you will need to respond to your Unconditional Offer by signing and returning it to EIT, making payment for your first-semester tuition fee (outlined per your invoice), and provide evidence of your OSHC. Once your signed offer, invoice payment, and OSHC policy have been received by EIT, you can expect to receive your CoE from us.

If you have opted to organize OSHC yourself, you will need to provide proof. Or, if you have requested EIT to organize this on your behalf, this will be outlined in your voice.

4. Apply for your visa

Upon receiving your CoE, you can start to apply for your visa. This can be done either by yourself or through an education agent.

Note: Visa processing times may vary. Please see Estimated duration for application approvals/processing times under the FAQ section below to read the full information.

For more information on how to apply for an on-campus course, or to submit an application, please visit the How To Apply Page.

Crucial Documents You Need for Your On-Campus Application

When applying to study in-campus, you will need to provide the documents to assess your EIT course application, first, and a separate set of documents will be required to apply for a student visa (lodged with the Department of Home Affairs directly).

Course Application Documents

While applying to study with EIT on-campus, you will be required to provide 3 types of documents to assess your application:

  1. Proof of ID

Applicants are required to provide a certified/notarized copy of a formal identification document, which includes the applicant’s name (this must match the name used in your application) and photograph. An acceptable formal identification document includes either a copy of a current passport, driver’s license, ID card, or another official license which includes a photograph of the applicant.

  1. Proof of previous education attainment

Applicants are required to provide certified/notarized qualification transcripts, academic transcripts, award certificates, or letters of course completion. The certified/notarized transcripts must show all programs and an official statement to confirm that all requirements for the qualification have been satisfied.  If a transcript is not yet available, please attach a certified written record that includes all grades.

Certified/notarized copies of relevant documents must be in English. If your documents are not in English EIT will need officially translated versions as well as copies in the original language.

  1. English proficiency confirmation

All on-campus applicants from non-English speaking countries (as determined by the Australian Department of Home Affairs) are required to provide results from a recognized language test such as IELTS or equivalent. Specific requirements and the minimal band results are available on the EIT course page.

We accept the following English Proficiency test results: IELTS, TOEFL, PTE Academic, Cambridge English: Advanced, Occupational English Test. Full details are determined by the DHA and can be checked on the DHA website.

Domestic students can present an Australian Senior Certificate of Education or equivalent, or a record of satisfactory completion of another tertiary course offered in English, as an alternative.

Before you submit the documents, please familiarize yourself with Certification document guidelines for on-campus programs.

Helpful advice about scanning the documents correctly can be found in this document.

Sometimes, if the documents are not meeting the admissions requirements, or provide insufficient information, the EIT Admissions team will request additional documents or ask to re-submit the documents previously provided.

Ensuring you have all the documents ready, correctly scanned, translated into English, and certified, will significantly reduce delays in the application process.

OSHC (Overseas Student Health Cover)

Your OSHC application should be submitted anytime before your Unconditional Letter of Offer is due to be received. Your proof of OSHC with fees paid (or to be paid when an invoice is issued) will ensure you receive your Conditional Letter of Offer.

Student Visa Documents

You can start applying for your Student Visa once you have received your CoE.

To apply for your Student Visa as part of your on-campus application, you will need:
Letter of Offer, CoE, a Certified/Notarized ID, evidence of your English language proficiency, qualification transcripts, GTE Requirement statement, a medical certificate showing evidence of meeting health requirements, police background check, and proof of sufficient funds.

Please note that this list comes from the Department of Home Affairs, and can be changed at any time without notification. The list of documents is valid as of 15th of August 2022, but we recommend you always check the Department of Home Affairs for visa requirements.

Certified/Notarized copies of relevant documents

Documents required for Student Visa

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be connected to a registered education agent?

Once your on-campus application has been reviewed and approved, one of our friendly Course Advisors will be in touch to discuss your course of interest and also link you to a suitable Education Agent in your region.

Once you have been connected to an agent, most of the communication will be between you and your agent, where your agent will liaise with EIT on behalf of you. However, our Course Advisors and Admissions Team are readily available for contact regarding any questions you may have.

I want to submit a direct on-campus application, where can I do that?

You are able to request a direct application form by booking a call with one of our Course Advisors or making an inquiry. Doing so will allow one of our friendly Course Advisors to contact you and walk you through the required application steps.

I am applying without an education agent, where do I submit my documents?

If you are making an on-campus application without the involvement of an education agent, submission of all documents* will be done through EIT, via liaison with our Admissions Team. Our Admissions Team is available to answer any questions you may have about your application across any of the 4-stage process.

*Please note that lodgement of your Student Visa will need to be done directly with the Department of Home Affairs, and not with EIT. You will need to create an ImmiAccount for lodgement, and payment will be required as the last step of your lodgement via Immi. EIT cannot assist with your visa application, or provide visa advice.

Lodge your Visa here

The estimated duration for application approvals/processing times

Each application process varies, and therefore the exact time taken for an application to be approved is not fixed.

With all documents handled by EIT, students can expect a processing time of approximately 3 working days. This estimation does not take into account delays caused by incorrect information or pending documents.

This duration is also dependent on students submitting all required documentation and meeting all conditions to progress on to the next step. If documents are missing or conditions are not met, this will result in a delay in processing.

Note on visa processing times: Your visa processing time is subjected to estimated durations outlined by the Department of Home Affairs. EIT has no control over these processing times.
Visa processing times are impacted by a number of factors. Applicants should refer to the website below and check regularly for the most up-to-date information.

Visa Processing Times

Costs for submitting an on-campus application

– An application fee of AU$100 will apply for all direct applications (where you are not using an education agent).
This fee is waived for all applications submitted via one of EIT’s education agents.
– First-semester tuition fees
– Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) fee
– Administration fee for application processing: A $250 administration fee will apply as part of EIT’s processing of your on-campus application
This is a one-off fee, and is non-refundable even in the event that your visa is refused.
– Visa Application Cost: Please refer to the Visa Pricing Estimator tool on the Department of Home Affairs website to estimate the cost of your visa.

There are also other associated costs involved in starting your academic journey, which is outside of the costs involved in your application or obtaining of documents needed for your application. This includes but is not limited to:
– Living costs
– Accommodation expenses
– Travel expenses

For more information on non-application associated costs, visit the Study On Campus Page. All costs provided are an estimation only.

What happens if my visa is refused?

If your visa is refused, tuition fees paid will be refunded back to your original payment method.

Note: The $100 application fee and $250 administration fee is non-refundable.

Ready to start your on-campus journey with us? If you have any questions please get in touch with us or find out more about studying on our EIT campuses.

EIT will be hosting a free, live information webinar catered to answering questions of our future on-campus students. Presented by Michael Page and Engineers Australia, this session will cover topics across Australian Engineering job roles of the future, tips to set yourself up for the Engineering industry, benefits of Engineers Australia accreditation and membership, and more.

Join us on Wednesday 31st of August 2022, at 3.00 PM AWST.

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