Mark has up to 30 years experience in electronics and communications engineering. Mark began his career gaining broad and extensive industrial experience in various electronic communication companies and departments such as GPT Telecommunications, Unilab Telecommunications and Stanilite electronics, where he has worked on the development, installation and commissioning of cellular/trunk UHF radio and two way radio HF, VHF and UHF systems for the defence, emergency services and commercial clients. Mark then started a training career as an engineering lecturer in TAFE teaching fundamental electrical units to more advanced units in wireless communications, industrial data communications, telecommunications and engineering mathematics. He has also designed and built RF electronic devices for training purposes and written many training manuals for both students and commercial clients.

Mark currently works as an advanced skills lecturer for TAFE in Telecommunications and oil and gas engineering. Further, Mark also works as a consultant communication systems engineer in his partnership business Shuttleworth Engineering Training and Consulting where he has for the past few years worked on various small to large projects. One large project that Mark worked on was as an independent technical consultant with the Western Australian Police which included consulting with the police radio division and Motorola on the installation and commissioning procedures of a multi-million dollar digital trunk radio system.

EIT | Engineering Institute of Technology