Haresh is passionate about Mechanical Engineering, and teaching and writing. In a career spanning over more than 20 years he has gained extensive industrial experience in the area of utilities, which provides him command in this field to teach and provide consultancy.

Haresh has worked in the installation, erection, and commissioning of utility plants such as instrument air and padding air compressor plants, water chilling plants, central air conditioning systems, chlorine liquefaction plants, cooling tower, diesel generators, payloader, pumps etc. He has been responsible for the maintenance and operations of the above plants for a number of years.

As a lecturer at the SSVPS College of Engineering, Haresh has taught his favourite subjects including Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (HVAC), Thermodynamics, Automobile Engineering, Power Plant Engineering, Mechanical Measurements and Control and Industrial Instrumentation.

He has developed course materials and several power points presentations on various subjects of mechanical engineering for EIT. One of his major involvements has been with www.brighthub.com, where he and his team published more than 2500 articles covering various areas of engineering. He has personally written more than 400 articles for the website.

Over the years, Haresh has specialized in the fields of utilities and has been developing his knowledge in this field. He also loves helping people with stress management and goal setting to live a happy and meaningful life.


Engineering Institute of Technology