Belo has worked in a number of industries including the insurance, medical, legal and publishing industries before deciding to focus on engineering.

Her first main technical work was creating training packages for Defence with an emphasis on instructing personnel on the operation and maintenance procedures for a variety of equipment. She then moved onto technical writing for a number of organizations before embarking on a career in the mining and mineral processing industries.

Belo has worked as a project engineer for a number of large mining projects, particularly those centred on gold and nickel production. This included working autonomously and as a part of the Engineering Projects and Asset Management teams. Her work in these areas included: providing engineering and technical support; conducting inspections and undertaking NDT particularly in regard to the regulating devices – valves – of pressure vessels, mining equipment, and site infrastructure; and, managing projects with a focus of adhering to technical requirements, schedules, assigned budgets, and design and safety standards. 

Belo’s involvement with the mining and mineral processing industries continues to this day. She currently undertakes a wide scope of work which is compatible with her experiences, qualifications, interests and availability. She works as a consultant, project manager, engineer, trainer, writer, and coach.

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