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We are a college providing online engineering education and training. We are always on the lookout to introduce new and current engineering courses in our programs. This is a relatively simple job but requires someone with experience, background and interest in engineering education and training to benchmark what we have with new emerging and hot topics in the engineering domain.

We are looking for five researchers to source new course topics. The course topic proposed should be designed for a 12-week duration and  take approximately 2 hours study per week. You will be provided with our existing course catalogue and you would then create lists of new potential courses. You need to ensure that your proposed courses don’t replicate what we already have in our course catalogue. Researching the description for a new course would take approximately 3 to 4 hours and will involve creating a two-page summary of the proposed courses (as per below). Plagiarised courses where the description is simply copied verbatim from other sites will NOT be accepted and will not be compensated for. The course descriptions need to be novel, practical and useful (i.e. not simplistic dross on how to use a hammer or theoretically advanced quantum mechanics).

You will be paid $A120 for every course you identify with the template below. If you are interested in preparing the course materials and resources – we will negotiate a mutually satisfactory fee which will obviously be considerably in excess of the identification fee and revolve around a target delivery date and agreed defined learning resources.

1. Example of Course Description we are after (the Template)

Course Title:

Professional Certificate of Competency in Chemical Engineering & Plant Design

Course Details

Process plants, such as refineries and petrochemical plants, are complex facilities consisting of equipment, piping systems, instruments, electrical systems, electronics, computers, and control systems. The design, engineering, and construction of process plants involve a multidisciplinary team effort.

Process design, plant layout, and design of piping systems constitute a significant part of the engineering effort. The objective is to design safe and dependable processing facilities cost-effectively.

This course provides you with the necessary knowledge and skills in the disciplines of chemical engineering and plant design to facilitate faster learning curves while on the job. Upon completion of this course, you will have a clear understanding of the design and engineering principles used in the design of process plants.

Benefits to you in doing the course

You will achieve the following benefits:

Course Structure

The course is composed of 12 modules, covering the fundamental principles and concepts used in process design and plant design.

Module 1: Introduction to Chemical Engineering

The role of a chemical engineer

Unit operations

Unit processes

Module 2: Introduction to Process Drawings

Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs)

Piping and Instrumentation Diagrams (P&IDs)

Plot Plans

3-D Models

Module 3: Mass and Energy Balances

Physical quantities

Units and dimensions

Process stoichiometry

Mass balances

Energy balances

Module 4: Thermodynamics

Ideal Gas Law

I and II Laws

Applications to pumps, turbines, and compressors

Vapor-liquid equilibrium

Module 5: Fluid Mechanics

Continuity equation


Laminar and turbulent flows

Friction factor

Pressure drop

Pump sizing and performance curves

Pump datasheet


Layout and piping for pumps

Module 6: Process Control and Instrumentation

The need for process control

Feedforward and feedback control loops

Basics of Advanced Process Control (APC)

Module 7: Heat Transfer

Principles of conduction

Convection and radiation

Heat exchangers

Heat exchanger datasheet

Layout and piping for heat exchangers

Module 8: Materials and Materials Specifications for Piping and Equipment





Module 9: Principles of Mass Transfer




Layout and piping for a distillation unit

Module 10: Introduction to Chemical Engineering II

Plot Plans

3-D Models

Drawings and documents used in plant design

Module 11: Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Design

Chemical reactors

Reactor design

Layout and piping for reactors

Module 12: Piping Systems Components

Process safety

Process economics

List of resources used in creating the course:

The following list of resources is suggested to be used as a basis in the creation of the course.

Our current range of Professional Certificate of Competency courses can be viewed here.

Our new range of Professional Certificate of Competency courses are listed below:

Course code       Course title

C5G        5G Technology and Services Overview

CAD       Drafting

CAN       Troubleshooting and Problem Solving Electrical Networks

CBI         Building Information Modelling (BIM)

CCG       Chemical Engineering and Plant Design

CCS        Durability of Concrete Structures

CDT        Digital Twins and Simulation Monitoring

CEL        Troubleshooting and Problem Solving of Electrical Equipment and Control Circuits

CEM       Introduction to Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility (EMI/EMC)

CER        Earthing and Lightning Protection

CES        Battery Energy Storage and Applications

CFF         Flow Measurement and Fiscal Flow Fundamentals

CFL         Finance and Leadership

CGM      Geotechnical Monitoring and Instrumentation

CHE        Practical Understanding of Heat Exchangers

CHI         Hazard Identification

CHU       Hydrogen - Production, Delivery, Storage, Use

CIA         Industrial Automation

CIIoT     Industrial Internet of Things

CNM      Mechanical Engineering for Non-mechanical Engineers

CRC        Repair of Concrete

CSG        Smart Grid Technologies

CSH        Shutdown and Turnaround Management

CSK        PLC Troubleshooting and Problem Solving

CSP        Solar Energy Systems

CST        Energy Storage

CTL        Transition from Technical Expert to Leader

CVB        Vibration Analysis, Balancing, Alignment, Predictive and Precision Maintenance of Machinery

CWP      Wind Energy Systems

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