on January 8th, 2021

For some, the future holds an exciting vision of technology, enhancing our everyday lives and jobs. For others, it’s a somewhat bleaker view of a dystopian future, where humans are controlled by mechanical over-lords and are unnecessary in keeping the wheels of industry turning!

Australia’s ABC network has created a thought-provoking online tool that claims to quantify the possibility of careers being taken over by robots in years to come.

Spoiler alert! We’ve run the searches, and it’s good news for engineers and technologists. According to AlphaBeta’s predictions, most engineering and tech-related professions seem likely to still require the human touch well into the 21st century and beyond.

Engineering professionals only have a one in ten chance of having their roles taken by developments in technology. Similarly, specific occupations such as civil engineering also sit at a 10% chance that automatons will make the roles superfluous. Engineering managers, (those in construction, distribution and production) seemingly have a slightly greater chance of losing their jobs. However, they still only have a 13% chance of being made redundant. Of all of the fields related to EIT’s area of interest, engineering production workers, (such as plant operators) careers are at the highest risk, with a 68% chance that droids will take their jobs.

Check out the website here.

However, don’t let the numbers intimidate you. With EIT’s online delivery, it is easier than ever to upskill and future-proof your career. Browse our engineering courses today!

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