Practical Learning

Practical Learning

We are committed to ensure that all online and on-campus students acquire the practical skills and confidence necessary to put theory into practice.

The EIT Approach

Practical hands-on work is a requirement of many professional engineering societies and accreditation agencies around the world. It is also an essential component of the EIT Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering programs.

Through hands-on exercises, simulation software, remote laboratories, and interactive teamwork, students gain the insight required to apply practical engineering knowledge and skills to solve real-world problems.

EIT provides students with secure and free access to specialized education and industrial engineering software and hardware via our remote and virtual laboratories.

Brands Used in Our Courses

Hear from our students

What I liked most about the course and EIT is the flexibility is offered regarding education. It gave me the opportunity to study and work full-time.
C Groenewald, South Africa
I enjoyed interacting with students all around the world, and seeing how the principles I have learned applies to them as well.
S Zeelie, South Africa
My line of work requires me travel quite often. I could not attend every class due to my remote locations, but still I could recap and stay on top of the study material thanks to the recordings. Also, all the Instructors were world class.
P Pretorius, South Africa
I have studied 3 times now with EIT and recommend them to my colleagues - I have found them always to be accommodating and the course content first class.
R Denholm, Australia

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