Johnson Itumeleng is an industrial electrician from Botswana who recently graduated from the Engineering Institute of Technology with a 52726WA - Advanced Diploma of Electrical Engineering. He currently works for the Debswana Orapa Mine.

“I chose this course because I have always wanted to be an electrical engineer. My studying experience with EIT has been consistently good. EIT has a lot to offer and is very capable. I have learned a lot, and I am executing my daily work in a much more professional manner with what I have learned from EIT. I am recommending to my workmates to enroll in this course — one of my colleagues is actually already enrolled, in fact,” he said.

Johnson had immense respect for his grandmother as he grew up. He also had an affinity for engineering — specifically electrical engineering. With his grandmother encouraging him, and a dream to succeed in engineering, he was able to work hard and succeed at earning his advanced diploma with EIT.

“Kebatlhokile Dorothy Thatoyarona was a great inspiration and my motivator. She was my grandmother. She always believed in me and guided me throughout life until she passed in 2018. My love for engineering stemmed from my school years. I finished high school in 2003. I knew since I completed a school design project that I would like to do something with electricity,” he said.

Johnson has always been determined to figure out technological challenges. Ready and prepared to deal with technology through a more hands-on approach, Johnson started his career in engineering as an apprentice in Orapa Training Centre in 2007. The facility trains apprentices not only for Debswana mines but for other organizations across the country. Debswana is the world’s leading producer of gem diamonds.

The training facility provides their apprentices with significant on the job training in the mining sector. In 2012, after spending four years as an apprentice, he became employed by Debswana in the Power Distribution sector. He is responsible for supplying high voltage to the three mines and maintaining the HV equipment.

Acutely aware that he had to continue growing his theoretical knowledge and combine it with his ongoing practical experience, Johnson enrolled in the 52626WA - Advanced Diploma in Electrical Engineering with EIT.

Johnson says that he is gearing up to continue his academic and practical journey to becoming a fully qualified engineer. He has expressed interest in registering for the Bachelor of Science (Electrical Engineering) with EIT. By 2025, he aims to have earned that engineering title.

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