Malcolm Green, 31, of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, is a glowing example of how easy it is to achieve your dreams with a plan and great support.

There’s no denying that since the advent of COVID-19 and lockdowns, student experiences have changed. And yet the pandemic also proved that remote student delivery systems do work.

Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) online student Malcolm Green is just one of many who realize their academic goals while holding full-time jobs.

We caught up with Malcolm to tell us about studying with EIT, juggling a day job, and sharing any sound advice for aspiring young engineering considering the same academic path as his.

Malcolm is a unique student; he has not done one or two courses with EITs, but is completing his fourth program at the institution! He started as a student in Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation and then progressed with a Bachelor of Science (Industrial Automation Engineering), Professional Certificate of Competency in Gas Turbine Engineering, and is finishing his Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems) at the moment.

When did you realize you had an interest in engineering?

I realized I was interested in engineering after a mentor encouraged me to continue my education after completing my electrical and instrumentation apprenticeship. They allowed me to work on advanced water channeling and power control management systems during my training. Still, I wanted to return to the industry that required me to complete my engineering education.

What are you currently studying at EIT?

I’m completing my Master of Engineering (Electrical Systems) online.

Why did you choose this area of engineering?

I choose the area of engineering after completing my apprenticeship.

Are you happy with EIT, and why?

I’m impressed with EIT. They allowed me to study for my advance Diploma and Bachelor of industrial automation while living and working in remote towns in Queensland. Studying remotely allowed me to gain experience in engineering in the oil and gas, water/mining, and power industry. I found that EIT has well-established remote education with lectures that work in the industry. Lectures in Spain, New Zealand, South Africa, and Australia were industry-leading professionals while collaborating with peers worldwide was great.

Are you currently working, and how do you balance your studies and personal life?

I’ve just taken a new role as an engineer on one of the largest onshore wind farms in the world. Previously worked as a project in the water industry supplying water to some of the world’s largest mines and as a technical officer on Australia’s oldest Natural gas transmission pipeline. Establishing a yearly, monthly, and weekly plan has helped me balance study and work balance but also being mindful of time-saving opportunities for myself.

Why do you think engineers play an essential role in the world?

Engineers play an essential role in evaluating technology and supporting modem living while solving problems and managing risk in industries.

What is your favorite engineering joke?

There are ten types of people in this world: binary!

Do you have any advice for a first-year EIT student?

Understand why you started your engineering and where you started, so you have gratitude and reflection when your education gets difficult. Celebrate all your minor achievements!

How did you stay motivated during your time with EIT?

Reflection, gratitude, and understanding of what I’m working towards and what I initially wanted to achieve. Reflection and gratitude were a big thing for me working towards difficult times and three-quarter illness.

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