As the year winds down it's fantastic to know how EIT students managed to still complete their individual courses, modules and inch their way closer to a range of qualifications.

Ashneel Prasad is one of those students that managed to make the best of studying while working – but by sticking to a schedule he could rise to the occasion to complete a 52883WA Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering (Electrical Systems).

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EIT’s specific structure when it comes to course work helped immensely, according to Ashneel.

“It was totally manageable. I work 40 hours per week and run my own cleaning business. It’s a family business so we get to spend time together at work.”

Being able to have family time during those hours means he can adjust to having more time for his study’s other times of the day.

He also ensures nothing is done halfway by following one of the simplest concepts that is incredibly hard to apply – time management.

For Ashneel it means pre-planning everything. The dedication behind this is simple.

“It gives me confidence in delivering my day-to-day work, and the 52883WA Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering (Electrical Systems) helps in trouble-shooting and most importantly I got added knowledge which I might have been missing.”

But sanity is always important when it comes to navigating work and family life with studies, and Ashneel does make time for specific activities, and on top of his list is enjoying the nature of New Zealand where he currently lives.

“Fishing is something I am interested in and there are few other activities which I enjoy like meeting up with friends and exploring new places or spots,” he mentions.

But if he’s mooching around videos of new technology, sports events, and comedy movies are part of his couch digest.

Ashneel mentions that he views engineering as an art, and a creative one at that.

“I love designing new plans with new ideas,” he says.

“I like to share my knowledge with people who really wanted to achieve something similar in life, and with the right skills and experience I can also grow the business I work in,” he adds on the value engineering higher education has provided him.

In fact he goes as far as to say one of the best decisions he made so far in life is to continue studying, even though it was always put on the back-burner due to financial constraints.

But motivation and inspiration go hand-in-hand with these kinds of choices, that’s why Ashneel would always find apt living motivational speakers to speak at any sort of engineering event he has to organize.

But even mishaps will come with some learning behind them. Ashneel remembers when he opened an AIR brake switch on 500amps load and the way it lit up like festival lights, a mistake he won’t make again.

But opening switches was his entry into engineering, and he remembers that was

In his words education helps us reach our goals and milestones, “by keeping us up-to-date with new technology.”

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