on February 18th, 2022

It takes a lot of drive to complete an EIT 52886WA Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation Engineering, especially when there are specific goals in mind.

For EIT graduate Jordan Brandis, it was the fact that it could provide him with a sound knowledge of automation from an engineering perspective.

Jordan commented, “Learning the basics of automating a process was crucial. I apply this daily in my current role working with autonomous drill systems. Before my study with EIT, I didn’t have any automation experience.”

Jordan Brandis while he the Navy as an Electronics Technician conducting maintenance on the ships air search radar in Singapore.

Before undertaking the Advanced Diploma, Jordan was working in electronics.

He viewed automation as a natural career pathway, and then took the bold step to dedicate 18 months toward the completion of his Advanced Diploma.

“I recognized that Automation is the way of the future and a career which I want to get into. By studying the course, it helped me attain my current role in automation,” he said.

Students who complete a 52886WA Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation Engineering are ready to enter the industry in industrial automation.
Furthermore, students are often equipped for the global market through knowledge and understanding of the latest technology, established products and services and also developing new ways to enhance the field with innovation and sustainability at heart.

This innovation is a factor in Jordan’s daily life.

“No day is the same, there are continually new challenges. You leave each day feeling like you have achieved something,” he mentioned.

It also led him to his current role.

“I’m an 8-days-on, 6-days-off FIFO roster worker in the North West of Western Australia. In this role, I am the site specialist for a mine’s autonomous drilling system. I really enjoy the even-time roster and the challenging environment mining has to offer.”

According to Jordan, he completed much of his study ambitions while he was working as a Field Engineer contracted to the Navy.

“This saw me in multiple different states each week at times, whenever I was too busy with work to complete an assignment on time or attend a webinar I would liaise with the instructor and extensions when needed was always given without hesitation,” he says.

The fact that the course is fully online was also helpful when the world was ordered to stay home for much of 2020.

During this time Jordan was able to finish his qualification and make progress without disruption.

“It is a commitment but nothing worth doing in life is ever easy. If you truly want to advance your career through study, there is nothing stopping you. EIT is a great fit for people juggling different life commitments.”

It also led him to undertake another course with EIT. Jordan is going to take up a Professional Certificate of Competency in Project Management for Engineers & Technicians this year; something he hopes will further deepen his understanding of the many facets of engineering.

He also hopes it will help accelerate him into a project management role.

“After completing my professional certificate, I will focus on further career development. If I need to continue studying to achieve my goals, then I won’t hesitate…” he added.

What he is certain about is that undertaking further education has proven to align with his career ambitions, and that could be crucial to climbing the ladder of success.

Jordan in a Nutshell

The drill rigs Jordan work on now as a FIFO engineer.

When you’re not working we’re likely to find you… 

Freediving or spearfishing when the weather is good. Otherwise, I’ll be mountain biking or cycling. Whenever my partner has time off we try and get away camping somewhere.

How do you explain engineering to strangers?

Engineering is the process of creating something whether that be physical or not and using this to solve a problem.

The greatest thing ever invented is…

Unsure, the last major invention to shape society has to be the computer and subsequently the internet. I believe that the next big change society will go through will be as we shift to green energy.

You wouldn’t be able to get through the day without…

A morning coffee!

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