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If you are a non-chemical engineer this manual will provide you with the fundamentals in this area and enable you to confidently talk to and work effectively with chemical engineers… View Article

This technical manual covers the practical aspects of pipeline design, integrity, maintenance and repair, including the applicable codes and standards, with a focus in a land-based environment.

This manual will enable you to reduce expensive downtime on your plant and equipment by following the correct application and selection of lightning and surge protection devices.

This chapter introduces the topic of fiscal metering including the types of meters and considerations for their selecting as well as the fundamentals of gas and liquid measurement.

This book is aimed at the private electrical installation designer although the technical fundamentals are also applicable to the electricity utility transmission and distribution sector.

This chapter covers key concepts including After Diversity Maximum Demand (ADMD), calculation of multiplier factor, testing and calibration, and correction factor

This manual covers the fundamental concepts and will provide you with a clear understanding of the design and engineering principles used in plant layout and piping design.

Engineering Institute of Technology