Dr Morteza Alizadeh

Research Coordinator and Lecturer

School of Electrical Engineering

Melbourne Campus

+61 8 9321 1702


BEng, MEng, PhD


Dr Seyed Morteza Alizadeh is coordinating research activities and research training with a focus on Doctorate of Engineering program. He is also a lecturer and unit coordinator in Electrical Engineering and Industrial Automation. He graduated with a PhD degree from Victoria University in December 2017.

He has over 10 years of extensive experience in teaching and research in the university sector. Before being appointed to Engineering Institute of Technology, he worked as an academic member at Victoria University, Australia. His research interests deal with the power system analysis and machine learning. Initially, this was applied to the improvement of the performance of Distributed Generation systems using Artificial Intelligence-Based methods. More recently, his research efforts have involved the optimal sizing and siting of wind power plants in distribution networks using novel mathematical methods. He is a subject matter expertise on modelling and simulating power system networks using software commonly used in the industry. Dr. Alizadeh has contributed to many international conferences and journals as a technical program committee member and editorial board member.

Fields of Research
  • Power and Energy Systems Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Industrial automation
Research Interest
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Electrical control systems
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Modelling and simulation
Professional Memberships
  • Member, IEEE
  • Member, Australasian Association for Engineering Education
Industry Affiliations
  • Guest Editor of MDPI-Energies journal
  • Technical Program Committee member of 2021 31st Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference (AUPEC)
  • Technical Program Committee member of Springer Electric Power and Renewable Energy Conference-2021
  • Technical Program Committee member of IEEE International Symposium on Industrial Electronics-2020
  • Professional Engineer accredited by Engineers Australia
EIT Research Affiliations
  • Faculty of Electrical and Industrial Automation-Research Committee


Currently teaching units/programs
  • MEE607-Power quality and mitigation
  • MEE503-Over-head line and system design
  • MEE501-Power generation
  • ME508-Safety instrumented systems
  • BEE301S-Electrical utilisation engineering
Teaching Experience (Tertiary)
    1. 10 Years
Currently supervised research students at EIT
  • Doctoral project: Development of a Patient Intelligent Assistant 2021 Series (PIA2S)
  • Doctoral project: Impacts of removing fossil fuel from existing buildings energy mix and potential for reducing the energy density of the building to limit the impact on the supplying grid
  • Doctoral project: Impact of lightning strike on electronic autonomous objects protected by Faraday’s cage lightning protection methodology
  • Master thesis project: HEF as a parameter for SIL determination of MooN system with a demand rate occurring in the boundary of Low and High Demand classification of IEC 61508
Completed supervision of research students at EIT
  • Master thesis project: Developing an Artificial Intelligence-based controller to optimise refrigerator operation Master thesis project:
  • Developing a Decision Tree Algorithm for Wind Power Plants Siting and Sizing in Distribution Networks
  • Master thesis project: Upgrading hydropower generators-A case study: Kemano power station
  • Master thesis project: Analysis of medium voltage cable faults in Accra distribution network of the electricity company of Ghana
Research most recent
  • Ghimire, S.; Alizadeh, S. M. Developing a Decision Tree Algorithm for Wind Power Plants Siting and Sizing in Distribution Networks. Energies, March 2021, 14, 2293
  • Bagherian, M. A.; Mehranzamir, K.;  Pour, A. B.;  Rezania, S.;  Taghavi, E.;  Nabipour-Afrouzi, H.;  Dalvi-Esfahani, M.; Alizadeh, S. M. Classification and Analysis of Optimization Techniques for Integrated Energy Systems Utilizing Renewable Energy Sources: A Review for CHP and CCHP Systems. Processess, 2021, 9, 339
  • Alizadeh, S. M.; Sadeghipour, S.; Ozansoy, C.; Kalam A. Developing a Mathematical Model for Wind Power Plant Siting and Sizing in Distribution Networks. Energies, 2020, 13, 3485
  • Lalbakhsh, A.; Alizadeh, S. M.;  Ghaderi, A.;  Golestanifar, A.;  Mohamadzade, B.;  Jamshidi, M.;  Mandal, K.; Mohyuddin, W. A Design of a Dual-Band Bandpass Filter Based on Modal Analysis for Modern Communication Systems. Electronics, 2020, 9, 1770
  • Alizadeh, S. M. Mathematical Modelling of the Effect of X/R and Short Circuit Ratio on Voltage in a Distribution System Connected Wind Farm. International Review on Modelling and Simulation, 2020, 13, pp: 1-8
Research most notable
  • Bagherian, M.A.; Mehranzamir, K.; Ahmed, J.; Nafea, M.; Nfrouzi, H.; Wooi, C. L.; Beiranvand, A.; Rezania, S.; Alizadeh, S. M. Techno-Economic Analysis of Direct Combustion and Gasification Systems for Off-grid Energy Supply: A Case for Organic Rankine Cycle and Dual Fluidized-Bed. IET Renewable Power Generation, 2021, pp. 1752-1416
  • Alizadeh, S. M.; Ozansoy C. The Role of Communication and Standardization in Wind Power Applications – A Review. Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, 54, February 2016, pp. 944–958

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