on March 18th, 2024

On-Campus Orientation week at the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is a pivotal time when new students are welcomed into their next journey of the institution.  

It’s a week filled with essential information, engaging activities, and opportunities for students to forge connections that will shape their academic and social experiences.  

Let’s take a closer look at the highlights and insights shared by those who experienced it firsthand. 

The On-Campus Orientation   

Deputy Dean, Indumathi V during Orientation Week in Perth

EIT’s on-campus orientation took place from 19 to 23 February 2024 at both the Perth and Melbourne campuses in Australia.   

A diverse cohort, these students comprised 31 bachelor’s, 82 master’s, and two doctorate students.  

EIT’s founder and Dean, Dr. Steve Mackay gave the welcoming address in Melbourne and Deputy Dean Indumathi V in Perth.  

The Sessions  

The welcome week at EIT integrates new students into the EIT community through a variety of activities and initiatives designed to foster a sense of belonging, provide essential information and resources, and facilitate connections with peers, faculty, and staff, said Indumathi V. 

With that, the week was filled with academic exploration, student well-being initiatives, and orientation sessions to familiarize students with the institution’s layout, resources, and labs. 

Let’s take a closer look at what these sessions were, across Perth and Melbourne.

EIT’s new students at Orientation Week
Formal Welcome Presented by Indumathi V and Dr. Steve Mackay 
Moodle (Student Management System) and EIT email accounts Presented by Jason Gabriel (Learning and Student Support Manager)  
Global Citizenship Session – Presented by Indumathi V  Presented by Indumathi V 
eLibrary Information Session Presented by Danielle Techera (Academic Resources Manager)  
Campus Tour Perth and Melbourne Student Services Officer  
ESOS and Policies Quiz Presented by Caroline Patterson (Accreditation & Compliance Manager)  
Engineers Australia Stage 1 Competencies and Reflective Practice Session – Presented by Indumathi V  
Student Wellbeing Presented by Olivia Ffrench (Student Service Coordinator)  
Student Success Session Presented by Allison Gray (Student Success Manager) and Emma Hart (Higher Education Manager)  
Academic Course Structure and Advice Presented by Dr. Akhlaqur Rahman, Dr. Dipali Shende, Dr. Ana Evangelista, Dr. Igor Shuffrin, Dr. Milind Siddhpura and Dr. Arti Siddhpura  
Work Integrated Learning for Graduation Presented by Dr. Ana Evangelista (Work Integrated Learning Coordinator and EIT’s Civil and Structural Engineering Lecturer)  
Beach Safety in Western Australia Presented by Jacqui Orourke (Surf Lifesaving WA)  
Engineers Australia In Perth and Melbourne Presented by Kym Spann (Tertiary Engagement Manager WA and Regional NSW)  
Salvation Army Presentation Financial literacy, gambling awareness, and counseling support information  

This comprehensive schedule ensured that new students were equipped with the necessary information and resources to embark on their academic journey at EIT. 

The Outcomes  

According to Dr. Arti Siddhpura, EIT’s Mechanical Engineering Lecturer, and Dr. Ana Evangelista, one of the standout moments was the Global Citizen session, which prompted stimulating discussions among students. 

Global citizen session at orientation week
Students were asked to write about the Global Citizenship topics and asked what it means to them.

Siddhpura emphasized, “It was great to welcome students to our brand-new Perth campus. The Global Citizen session was a thought-provoking experience and was well-received by the students.” 

The Global Citizen session covered pressing global issues such as climate change, human rights, equality, environmental stewardship, ethics, poverty, and social justice.  

“The enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by our engineering students give us hope for a future where these issues are not just understood, but actively addressed,” said Indumathi V.  

Moreover, there were students from all over the world in one room. These students comprised residents of Pakistan, Nepal, Nigeria, India, South America, Australia, Kenya, South Africa and much more, said Allison Gray, EIT’s Student Success Manager.  

Dr. Evangelista said, “It was very great to see international and domestic students sharing information and enhancing networking.”  

Throughout the induction period, students had the chance to engage in various informational sessions and workshops tailored to their academic and personal development. 

Evangelista highlighted the importance of these sessions, stating, “Students received clear information about their courses, academic expectations, time management, and how to come prepared for their classes.” 

Dr. Evangelista’s advice to new students was centered on embracing diversity and enriching their learning experience. “Embrace the challenge and broaden your horizons,” she encouraged.  

Dr A. Siddhpura also offered advice to students saying, “Set your priorities, work hard, and enjoy the journey!” 

“Engineering is a field that thrives on diversity of thought and perspective. By studying at EIT, you will gain exposure to different teaching methods, cultural approaches to problem-solving, and a global network of peers and mentors, this enriches your learning experience and equips you with a well-rounded skillset.” 

Social events played a vital role in fostering connections among students. Gray noted, “Our staff and students socialized, creating a relaxed atmosphere.” These social interactions, alongside informative sessions, contributed to a holistic orientation experience. 

Evangelista emphasized, “It was very important to see that the orientation sessions provided new students several opportunities to connect with classmates, start new friendships, and form study groups. Which are crucial for academic and social support through their studies. From the orientation sessions, they found options to building up their learning community.”  

Orientation week at EIT is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about building a supportive community where students feel empowered to embark on their academic journey. As new students immerse themselves in this dynamic environment, they are encouraged to embrace challenges, seek support when needed, and seize every opportunity for growth. 

“It is an exciting time as we welcome the brand-new students to our brand-new Perth campus. I have two favorite events: One is Orientation and the Second is Graduation,” said Dr. Milind Siddhpura, Mechanical Engineering Lecturer and Course Coordinator.  

The Team  

Founder and Dean, Dr. Steve Mackay at the Orientation Week in Melbourne

Gray offered insights from both campuses and emphasized the collaborative spirit that permeated the orientation week.  

She remarked, “It was nice to see all departments come together in Melbourne and witness staff jumping in to help students wherever needed. Seeing everyone come together was also evident in Perth.” 

With the guidance and camaraderie found within the EIT community, students are poised to excel and thrive in their studies and beyond. We wish you all the best!  

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