on June 3rd, 2024

On 7 May 2024, the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) unveiled its inaugural photo challenge, sparking immediate interest from our followers. Among the first to eagerly join the competition were Learnmore Kufandada and Savonnah Frank. 

EIT Students in The Running to Win  

As Learnmore and Savonnah were the first two students to enter the competition, EIT took the opportunity to sit down with them. During this discussion, the institute sought to explore their motivations for participating in the competition and to learn more about them as individuals. 

What are you studying or what did you study at EIT? 

Savonnah: I have been enrolled in EIT’s Online – Master of Engineering (Mechanical), starting this June. 

Learnmore: I completed the 52884WA Advanced Diploma of Mechanical Engineering Technology and will be starting my Graduate Certificate with EIT in June this year. 

Where are you based?  

Savonnah: I am based up in the beautiful star mountains of Tabubil in the Western Province of Papua New Guinea in the Pacific, just north of Australia. 

Learnmore: I am from Zimbabwe and working in South Africa

What inspired you to participate in the EIT photo challenge? 

Savonnah: Photography is one of my hobbies that I love doing. And on top of that, being accepted to study the Master of Engineering (Mechanical) really inspired me to participate in this EIT photo challenge as I have always dreamt of becoming an EIT Student especially to study master’s and hopefully my Doctor in Mechanical as well.  

Learnmore: Any challenge that has to do with engineering excites me. I love showcasing my work as I am very good at what I do.  

Learnmore participating in EIT photo challenge
Learnmore Kufandada
Savonnah Frank

Please describe your job. 

Savonnah: As a Reliability Engineer, I focus on ensuring that systems, products, or processes perform as intended under various conditions and over time. I analyze potential failure modes, develop strategies to mitigate risks, and implement improvements to enhance reliability, durability, and maintainability.  

My work involves utilizing data analysis, testing methodologies, and predictive modeling to identify weaknesses, optimize performance, and prevent costly failures. I often collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate reliability considerations throughout the design, development, and operational phases of a project or product lifecycle. Ultimately, as Reliability Engineer, I play a critical role in maximizing uptime, minimizing downtime, and enhancing overall customer satisfaction. 

Learnmore: I am a qualified Fitter and Turner by trade. I am currently working as a Turner Machinist. I machine different parts for different industrial applications using the conventional milling and turning machine.  

I also had the privilege of working in the manufacturing industry servicing the rail, mining and food industry as well as plastic industry. 

How does the photo relate to engineering or your profession?  

Savonnah: It relates back to how data is collected and analyzed. For example, the thickness readings of the 17 runner blades are taken and compared against the given OEM thickness values together with the last thickness readings taken, wear rates can be calculated, and the remaining life of a turbine can be predicted. 

Learnmore: Without machined parts the engineering world is incomplete, in my opinion. It is more like driving the body of a vehicle without an engine. So, precise machined engineering parts complete the whole process of engineering by fitting each piece to its position.In the photo, I was machining the parts of a labeling machine. 

How did you go about capturing your epic photo? 

Savonnah: My photo was taken on 23 August 2023 during a major shutdown. One of the criteria I noticed for the challenge was that the photograph had to be taken within the last 12 months. Therefore, I decided to participate in this EIT Photo Challenge with this photo. 

Learnmore: I used my smartphone to take photos during lunchtime. 

Were there any challenges you faced while taking your photo, and if so, how did you address them? 

Savonnah: It was in a confined area, so I had to ask a mechanical fitter to come and take a shot of me with a smartphone. 

Learnmore: We are not allowed to use our phones when working on a machine as it is dangerous both to the operator and other people around. So, I had to take a selfie during my lunchtime when the machine was off. 

If you win, what are you planning on doing with the cash prize of AUD$2,000?  

Savonnah: My main plan for the cash prize, if I win, is to use it to further fundraise for my travel and accommodation expenses to Australia. Specifically, I aim to attend hands-on workshops at the EIT Brisbane Campus, which is conveniently close to Papua New Guinea. These workshops include BXX001 to BXX004 – EIT Practical Hands-on Workshops, MXX001: Professional Practice Hands-on Workshop, and MXX510: Professional Experience. 

Learnmore: I would like to add it to my tuition fee for my Graduate Certificate.  

You Can Still Enter! 

The EIT Photo Challenge represents an exciting opportunity for students and graduates alike to showcase their creativity and passion for engineering and technology. As we’ve seen from the enthusiastic entries of Learnmore Kufandada and Savonnah Frank, the competition promises to be a platform for celebrating innovation and ingenuity. 

Whether you’re a current student eager to share your experiences or a graduate looking to reconnect with the EIT community, there’s still time to enter and be in the running for the coveted prize.  

Don’t miss your chance to participate in this thrilling event and potentially secure the spotlight for your unique perspective. Join us in capturing the essence of engineering excellence through the lens of your camera and be part of this unforgettable journey with EIT.  

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