on April 3rd, 2024

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) recently showcased its commitment to renewable energy education and training at Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024, held from 18 to 20 March at the Gallagher Convention Centre in Midrand, Johannesburg.  

The launch of the Solar & Storage Live Africa underscores a critical need stemming from the evident inadequacy of electricity supply across the African continent. Despite considerable progress in various sectors, including infrastructure and technology, reliable access to electricity remains a persistent challenge for many African nations. 

Inadequate electricity supply hampers economic growth, limits access to essential services such as healthcare and education and impedes overall development efforts. Rural areas face significant disparities in access to electricity, exacerbating socio-economic inequalities. 

EIT at the Solar Show 2024
The Solar Bear

Recognizing the urgency of addressing this issue, Solar & Storage Live Africa aims to harness the potential of solar energy and energy storage solutions. Solar power offers a sustainable and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional energy sources, making it an attractive option for Africa’s energy needs. Additionally, energy storage technologies enable the efficient management and utilization of solar-generated power, ensuring reliable electricity supply even in remote or off-grid areas. 

By bringing together industry experts, policymakers, investors, and stakeholders, the solar event provides a platform for collaboration, innovation, and knowledge-sharing.

Through presentations, discussions, exhibitions, and networking opportunities, the event facilitates the exchange of ideas and best practices to accelerate the adoption of solar and storage solutions across the continent. 

Moreover, initiatives like Solar & Storage Live Africa contribute to Africa’s transition towards a cleaner, more sustainable energy future.  

EIT and Solar  

EIT’s presence at the Solar & Storage Live Africa was marked by the exhibition of its comprehensive range of renewable energy programs and courses.  

Renewable energy is the key solution to a sustainable future, and EIT courses aim to build high-demand skills in this area.  

Our courses focus on various renewable energy systems incorporating hydro, wind, and solar power, and explore growing sources such as hydrogen, geothermal, biomass and tidal energy. Students graduate with a thorough knowledge of the operation and control of renewable integration, energy storage and distributed generation, renewable system modeling and simulation.  

The courses are suitable for engineers, technologists and technicians looking to develop practical skills in the renewable energy area. Many of which attended the solar event.  

Some of these courses include, but are not limited to:  

52910WA Graduate Certificate in Hydrogen Engineering and Management 

52859WA Graduate Certificate in Renewable Energy Technologies 

52894WA Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering (Renewable Energy) 

Professional Certificate of Competency in Hydrogen Energy – Production, Delivery, Storage, and Use 

Professional Certificate of Competency in Battery Energy Storage and Applications 

Professional Certificate of Competency in Renewable Energy Systems 

Professional Certificate of Competency in Smart Grids 

One of the hallmarks of Solar & Storage Live Africa was its diverse array of exhibitors, and EIT stood out by showcasing its extensive curriculum and expertise in renewable energy education.  

While the event boasted a wide array of exhibitors showcasing products, services, and solutions in the renewable energy space, EIT stood out as a beacon of educational excellence. As one of the only engineering education providers represented at Solar & Storage Live Africa, EIT’s aim was to bridge the gap between academic theory and practical application in the renewable energy domain. 

EIT’s booth served as a hub of activity, attracting attendees eager to learn about the institute’s innovative programs and industry-aligned courses.  

EIT’s stand at the solar event

“The recent solar expo served as a powerful validation of the quality and relevance of EIT’s courses in the industry. The active participation and contributions of numerous students who have completed training with us underscore the effectiveness of our programs in preparing individuals for real-world engineering challenges. This reaffirms our commitment to upholding industry standards and continually adapting to emerging trends and technologies. 

Observing the evolution of the industry at events like the solar expo provides valuable insights into the changing landscape and opportunities for growth. We are grateful to the organizers, Terrapinn, for their efforts in hosting a successful expo and facilitating meaningful discussions within the engineering community,” said General Manager, Kerry Marques.  

EIT also had the privilege of interacting with past, current, and future students during the solar event, reaffirming our commitment to supporting learners throughout their educational journey and beyond.  

These encounters provided valuable opportunities to exchange experiences, discuss industry trends, and forge lasting connections within the renewable energy community. 

“In reflecting on the event, I am pleased to report that it was a resounding success. Engaging with our current students was invigorating, their satisfaction with EIT and the stellar service provided by our learning support officers was heartening to hear. Our presence at such events not only reaffirms EIT’s existence but also rejects any doubts about our legitimacy, a concern some may have. 

Our interactions extended beyond our student community. We connected with influential figures in the engineering industry, fostering promising collaborations that lay the groundwork for future partnerships. As attendees visited our stand, filled in enquiry forms, and exchanged contacts, it was evident that the interest in our courses was palpable. Witnessing individuals walk away with EIT prizes added an extra layer of enjoyment to the proceedings,” said Lead Course Advisor Kamohelo Tsotetsi. 

Moreover, Solar & Storage Live Africa offered a platform for networking and knowledge exchange, with a special emphasis on fostering collaboration among industry stakeholders. EIT actively participated in networking events, connecting with fellow exhibitors, industry leaders, and prospective students interested in advancing their careers through specialized education. 

Watch the full video here:

The Solar Show 

The event featured a lineup of esteemed speakers who shared valuable insights and perspectives on the future of renewable energy in Africa.  

Notable speakers included Nandu Bhula, Managing Director of ACWA Power SA; Tidiani Jeff Tall, CEO of Lidera Green Power Madagascar; and Wamala Julius Namusanga, Assistant Commissioner at the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Development, Uganda, among others.  

Their expertise and vision underscored the critical role of renewable energy in driving sustainable development across the continent. 

Furthermore, Solar & Storage Live Africa received endorsement from Eskom, highlighting the event’s significance in advancing the renewable energy agenda in Africa. With Eskom’s support and the collective efforts of industry stakeholders, the solar event continues to serve as a catalyst for innovation, collaboration, and progress in the renewable energy sector. 

EIT’s presence at Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024 exemplifies its dedication to advancing renewable energy education and fostering industry partnerships.  

By equipping professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate the complexities of renewable energy, EIT remains at the forefront of shaping a greener, smarter, and more sustainable future for Africa and beyond. 


Solar & Storage Live Africa 2024  

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