Graduate Certificate

You can complete a Graduate Certificate in as little as 6 months. These fast, flexible, and practical programs will equip you with specialist skills in your professional field, and can open doors to new and exciting career opportunities.

The units in the Graduate Certificates are drawn from EIT’s Master of Engineering programs. This means if you choose to pursue a Master’s after completion of a Graduate Certificate, you may be able to apply for credit for the units that you have already completed.

Graduate Certificate in Fluid Power Engineering

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7 months

Graduate Certificate in Electrical and Instrumentation in Oil and Gas Engineering

This graduate certificate will equip you with the necessary skills to enhance your career in the onshore and offshore oil…

1 year

Graduate Certificate in Safety, Risk and Reliability Engineering

Modern engineers face an intriguing set of challenges when tackling uncertainty, and they have developed some of the smartest methods,…

1 year

Graduate Certificate in Civil - Railways Infrastructure Engineering

High-level professional and technical development from engineers working with track and the infrastructure in the rail corridor.

1 year

Graduate Certificate in Civil Engineering: Structural

Upon completion of this program, you will gain skills and knowledge in the latest and developing technologies in civil and…

1 year

Graduate Certificate in Mechanical Engineering

Designed to prepare you for further career development in the mechanical design and maintenance industries. Upon completion of this program,…

1 year

Graduate Certificate in Industrial Automation Engineering

Upon completion of this program, you will gain skills and expertise in the latest developing technologies in instrumentation, process control,…

1 year

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