Conservation of energy:
1. Switch off light, fan and other appliances when not in use.
2. Use solar heater for cooking.
3. Dry the cloth in the sun light instead of driers.
4. Use always pressure cookers
5. Grow trees near the house to get cool breeze instead of using AC and ai cooler.
6. Ride bicycle or just walk instead of using scooter for ashort distance.
Conservation of water:
1. Use minimum water for all domestic purposes.
2. check the water leaks in pipes and repair them properly.
3. Reuse the soapy water, after washing clothes for washing courtyard, carpets etc.
4. Use drip irrigation.
5. Rain water harvesting system should be installed in all the houses.
6. Sewage treatment plant may be installed in all industries and institution.
7. Continuous running of water taps should be avoided.
8. Watering of plants should be done in the evening.
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Conservation of soil:
1. Grow different type plants i.e trees, herbs and shrubs.
2. In the irrigation process, using strong flow of water should be avoided.
3. Soil erosion can be prevented by sprinkling irrigation.
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Conservation of food resources:
1.Cook required amount of food.
2.Don’t waste the food, give it to some one before spoiling.
3.Don’t store large amount of food grains and protect them from damaging insects.
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Conservation of forest:
1.Use non timber product.
2.Plant more trees.
3.Grassing must be controlled
4.Minimise the use of paper and fuel.
5.Avoid the construction of dam, road in the forest areas.
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Equitable use of resources for sustainable life style:
Sustainable development:
Development of healthy environment without damaging natural resources.
Unsustainable development;
Degradation of the environment due to over utilisation of natural resources.
Life style in more developed countries:
22% of world population, 88% of it’s natural resources and 85% of total global income.
Consumption is more and pollution is more.
Life style in less developed countries:
78% of world population, 12% of it’s natural resources and 15% of total global income.
Consumption is less and pollution is less.
Causes of unsustainability:
Main cause – difference between MDCs and LDCs.
Sustainable life style:
MDCs should have to reduce the utilisation of natural resources, that should have to be diverted to LDCs. This will reduce the gap between MDCs and LDCs, leads to sustainable development of the entire world.
Source: http;//nprcet.org/e%20content/eee/EVS.pdf

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