The FEE-HELP loan scheme can assist eligible domestic students (Australian Citizens, Australian Permanent Residents or a New Zealand Citizens with a Special Category Visa who meet residency criteria) to pay their tuition fees, by providing a HELP loan for all or part of the tuition fees.

For undergraduate (bachelor degree) fee-paying places, eligible domestic students can borrow part or all of their tuition fees through FEE-HELP. A loan fee of 25% on the amount borrowed applies to loans for undergraduate studies.

For postgraduate (graduate diploma and masters degree) fee-paying places, eligible domestic students can borrow part or all of their tuition fees through FEE-HELP. No loan fee applies to loans for postgraduate studies .

FEE-HELP loans are repaid through the Australian taxation system.

A student will be a ‘Domestic FEE-HELP’ student for any unit where all or part of the fees are to be paid through the FEE-HELP scheme.

Students who wish to apply for FEE-HELP should first read:

Students who wish to pay fees via the FEE-HELP scheme must have proof of acceptance into the loan scheme prior to the start date of the next teaching period.

Some key FEE-HELP requirements are as follows:

  • Students requesting a FEE-HELP loan must complete and lodge a request via the Commonwealth Assistance Form (CAF) online in order for enrolment to be completed.
  • Students should have, or should apply for, a valid Tax File Number (TFN) with the Australian Government. Eligible students who do not have a TFN at the time of enrolment should select the upfront payment option and may then apply for deferred payment, providing that the certificate of application to the Australian Taxation Office is supplied.
  • EIT is required to issue a Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) to each Commonwealth assisted student within 28 days of the census date. The CAN will be sent electronically to students via email. The CAN contains information about:
    • the units in which a student is enrolled
    • the cost of any upfront payments made
    • any amounts deferred to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO)
    • student learning entitlement consumed
    • the student’s CHESSN (Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number), which is assigned to all students who receive Commonwealth assistance for their higher education.
    • The student’s 25% FEE-HELP loan fee (for undergraduate domestic full fee paying students only)

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