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War. What is it good for? Competition.

Smartphone companies have released their latest devices, all vying for a space in your pocket.


Smartphones bring together a plethora of engineering and design disciplines to create incredibly multifaceted devices that have no doubt changed the way humans interact with technology. And there seems to be no stopping the effect they have on consumers. We all want a new one, every year or two. And the competition usually sends engineers into...

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Are you after an exciting job that takes you around the world?

Actura is looking for a Tour Group Manager who will be trained to facilitate guided tours around the NASA space grounds in the United States!

About Actura

Actura Australia offers a world-class learning environment as the exclusive Australian partner of the Space School international study programs; and the worldwide partner delivering CASE curriculum-based robotics program. Established in Australia in 2014, Actura'a...


It is time to plan your reward for all the hard work you have put into your studies with the Engineering Institute of Technology!

You spoke and we listened!

Due to popular demand we will have two Graduate Galas in 2018:

  • Midrand, South Africa: 18th of October 2018
  • Perth, Australia: 23rd of November 2018

We are excited to celebrate our graduates during two very special events in the vibrant locations of Perth (Australia) and Midrand (South Africa). These will be memorable...

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the online Master of Engineering in Industrial Automation through EIT."

"It has been difficult two years juggling between work, family and study but well worth it as I have gained a lot more knowledge and confidence to do my job well.

The delivery of online course was exceptional as I had a chance to interact with lecturers as well as other students from the luxury of my own place. In the beginning I was bit skeptical about the online mode of education but the...

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Mr Coffee to the rescue…

They say that money can’t buy happiness – but $999 can buy a Wi-Fi enabled coffee machine, and we think that comes pretty close! This advanced coffee machine, named Mr Coffee, makes coffee for you at your convenience with just a tap of your smartphone using Wi-Fi connectivity. What’s not to love? The only disadvantage we can identify is that Mr Coffee (pictured below) does not come with a walking robot to have the coffee delivered to your sofa as...

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Cars are becoming more like smartphones every day. But is that necessarily a good thing? And what does it mean for the engineers who want to make a career out of automotive engineering? The days of the combustion engine seem to be coming to an end. The desire of tech companies and vehicle manufacturers is now to create fully autonomous, environment-friendly vehicles that takes individuals from point A to point B.

Elon Musk’s Tesla Motors is a good example of where the electric/smart vehicle...

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Mazda has reinvented the wheel. Or rather, they claim they have reinvented the engine which drives that wheel.

They have engineered a ‘SkyActiv-X’ series of engines which purportedly use game-changing technologies which they believe will save the combustion engine from its seemingly inevitable demise.

The new engines use ‘Homogenous Charge Compression Ignition (HCCI)’. It is thought to be the ‘holy grail’ of combustible engines in a world which demands lower emissions.


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Old-timers, let alone prospective engineers, can sometimes get lost in the buzzwords that the industry throws at them. And then there are those skills that are hugely useful, but not adequately covered within an engineering curriculum. Critical thinking is both a buzzword and an intangible, soft, but incredibly handy skill.

But what is critical thinking? The National Council for Excellence in Critical Thinking in 1987 fashioned a definition:

“Critical thinking is the intellectually...

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Be prepared.  Think carefully about what questions you might be asked and prepare well-constructed answers. Practice with a friend or family member. There are plenty of resources on the internet for interview preparation including potential questions.

Do your research. Familiarise yourself with the company. Visit the website, research news articles, and cite information in your interview to demonstrate your knowledge. 

Understand the big issues. Companies...

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Advancing from technician, to engineer, to senior engineer, to management, to the 30-years-of- service gold watch at retirement. Is this the picture of an ideal career trajectory? Is it realistic?

To bolster CVs or resumes engineers look to work for major companies and then hope for promotions within them. In an effort to have the edge they attempt to remain abreast of the shifts in industry and galloping technology. To this end continuing professional development, and indeed qualification...

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Dear Colleagues,

Last night at a Careers Expo attended by happy throngs of kids and parents, one dad (a practising engineer) indicated to me that he had advised his two kids who were shortly finishing high school to avoid an engineering career and to focus on more lucrative jobs such as in law or merchant banking. I sympathise with him as many of my  engineering friends have been caught out in the intermittent ‘down draughts’ and thrown onto the streets.

I am not so sure...

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Were you born to be an engineer? Were you supernaturally gifted with the skills necessary to become an engineer? Or can engineering be taught? If you have an innate skill for taking things apart and putting them back together again, you might have an engineer living inside of you.

However, the world today has made it clear that there are certain requirements that must be met when considering whether a person can become a qualified engineer or not.


Mathematics & Science


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Friday night (the 25th of August) a tropical storm hit Texas in the United States of America. 60cm of rain fell overnight (23 inches) with a total of 50 inches expected before the week was out. Whether or not Texas’ drainage system is able to deal with the volume of water that climate change is bringing will be a pertinent question once relief efforts have been fulfilled. Questions surrounding Houston’s water infrastructure are already being asked.

A New York Times opinionista has pointed to...

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In memoriam: Roy Lunn - Automotive Engineering Extraordinaire

It must be one of the most rewarding industries in engineering. Many aspiring engineers in their youth dream of achieving a career in the industry. It entails an amalgamation of engineering disciplines coming together in the design and manufacture of a roaring, road-eating machine.

Automotive engineering incorporates mechanical, electrical, electronic, software and safety engineering. It has given rise to the hobbyists, the...

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Dear colleagues


When you are on a fixed salary in a company life is pretty certain. But in the more fraught world of consultant and contractor, life can be considerably more complex and financially tricky when dealing with contracts that require you to deliver a specific outcome. Remember if you don’t handle these correctly, you will end up considerably poorer despite putting in an enormous amount of hours working. So it is worth re-considering the different options here as...

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Engineering mothers save lives with a simple vehicle tool

Elsa Foley, an engineer at Nissan and mother of two boys, has developed an innovative new technology called Rear Door Alert. The inspiration behind this? Every summer, children die from being left inside a hot car. With the help of Marlene Mendoza, another female engineer, Rear Door Alert has been engineered to set off a unique alarm when something has been left behind in the back seat of the car. Take a look at the video below for an...

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Members of our EIT team attended the SkillsWest Expo this last weekend to show off our course offerings.

Our EIT stand showcased a clever robotic arm which visitors were invited to test and drive. We then put everyone’s names into a draw to win one of these mechanical arms - in kit form. We have now drawn a winner and are happy to announce that it is Toby Wallace from Busselton, Western Australia.

We thought that you may like to learn a little about our winner. Toby is in year 11 at...

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The United States has just witnessed the first total solar eclipse in 38 years. For some US states people would have observed a partial eclipse, but for 14 other states, the moon would have blotted out the sun completely. 2 minutes and 38 seconds of darkness was experienced in Madras, Oregon.


The next total eclipse will appear in American skies on April 8, 2024.



The power grid effect

An obvious impact of a solar eclipse is on photovoltaic cells that...

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Dear Colleagues

I bumped into an engineering friend the other day – unfortunately he has been out of work for a number of months and is in his late fifties. He was becoming somewhat despondent about the employment situation and at his age it is undoubtedly tough. Employers are very cautious about employing engineering ‘veterans’ no matter how good they are. Unless the employers have a specific need for the specialised skill that you may have.

My take on it is that if you are idling...

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Hadi Harb is a qualified Engineer, research scientist, consultant, and business owner. He lends his invaluable knowledge to the Engineering Institute of Technology as a lecturer too. His typical subjects are Programming (C++), Process Control, and sometimes he covers modules relating to data communication, and to anything involving data analysis and signal analysis. He also lectures on topics which touch on research and practice, and practical project management.

Originating from...

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Engineers have IQ mastered, but do they have emotional intelligence (EQ)?

An engineer takes to a popular engineering online forum and writes: “I can’t get a job because I’m too awkward. Has anybody else been turned down for a job because they lack people skills and/or emotional intelligence?”

The big question is: Do engineers need well developed EQs? The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. As the forum writer above points out: the need for it begins with the interview. Then there are engineers...

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Dear Colleagues


As you all know – common sense is NOT so common around here when it comes to avoiding industrial failures. Often these failures are caused by avoidable (always) strategies such as good maintenance, better quality equipment and better training for staff.

Historically, a hundred years ago a telegraph problem  could have disrupted a few people’s lives – however the scale today of the impact of an electrical failure (power or communications) can be...

We are happy to announce that our 4 Bachelor of Science programs have been approved for on-campus delivery.  Students are now able to apply for an International Student Visa to study at our Perth, Western Australian campus.

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is the only college dedicated to the fields of engineering and technology, and ultimately to your success in learning

Our campus is in Perth, the sunny and friendly capital city of Western Australia, and we would like...

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A pedestrian bridge on the N3 road in Bedfordview, in Johannesburg collapsed in the early hours of the morning on Tuesday the 8th of August 2017. The bridge collapsed onto four vehicles, resulting in five injuries with zero fatalities.


The highway has been re-opened since the collapse. Transport Minister Joe Maswanganyi finds the collapse odd, saying the bridge was deemed safe in 2016. He said: “Sanral did an inspection of the bridge and we were told that the bridge was in a...

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In an effort to partner with universities, with the IET (one of the world’s largest multidisciplinary engineering bodies) and with other educational entities in the engineering space, Steve Mackay visited the UK on a whirlwind trip this month.

There is much chatter about the online, digital age of learning and as we know Steve is not only passionate about the opportunities that this platform of learning offers to students, but is a staunch proponent. He is poignantly aware that there are...

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Dear Colleagues


As you all know, the global workforce is rapidly growing. And it is rapidly becoming more multicultural and multinational. We all have our own cultures, skills, behaviours and attitudes about life and work which are generally focussed on our local environment or town. However companies are increasingly straddling borders or are required to work with suppliers/clients and partners in different countries. Fortunately for some of us, the English language is becoming...

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There are more than enough photographs of abandoned buildings on the internet to fill tome, but the history behind them is often overlooked. Oftentimes abandoned buildings speak of a troublesome past - a past where engineers, among others, were involved in constructing the next great thing which did not stand the test of time for various reasons. Engineers from a subsequent generation are then employed to take the abandoned husk of past infrastructure, and turn it into something...

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The world’s first floating farm off Scotland’s north-east coast

The trial Peterhead wind farm, named Hywind, is estimated to provide power to 20,000 homes, with the turbine output expected to equal or surpass generation from current ones. This breakthrough technology will see wind power being harvested in waters that are too deep for the current conventional bottom-standing turbines.

Below: the wind turbines are currently being put in place. Image credit:



List of cool engineering jobs

We have all heard of the common engineering jobs such as Electrical Engineer, Civil Engineer, Mechanical Engineer and Software Engineer; let’s take a look at some of the uncommon and perhaps ‘cool’ engineering jobs that actually do exist.


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Dear Colleagues


In the past few years; we have seen some spectacular collapses of buildings and bridges. This is quite inexplicable to today’s structural designer and engineer who puts enormous effort into the careful use of materials and huge safety margins. In addition, it is not only about care in design but also in putting into place monitoring mechanisms for the life of the structure.

However, when a designer is operating at the limit of their expertise; mistakes still...

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What can house 1,000 passengers, a boatload of cargo, and 850 vehicles? You guessed it. A ferry.


The UK Government’s Department of Transport in their 2016 Provisional Sea Transport Report stated that the number of international short sea passengers was estimated at 20.0 million people in that year. Norway also utilizes ferries in a big way. Until the completion of the first underwater tube-shaped floating tunnel, the only way to navigate Norway’s fjords is via...

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Are you willing to travel internationally for work and study?


This is a loaded question. A range of considerations would be pondered and include family, need for excitement, ambition, prospects etc.


Few academic qualifications have the global allure that engineering does. And some engineers are characterized by their determination to acquire those credentials which enable them to take on the world.

Most people, however, are more content to remain in their...

SERPs for Engineering Companys

It is often difficult for engineers to position themselves into the search engines result pages (SERP's) because of the very competitive nature of the industry. It is dominated by the worlds major companies and the smaller more regional firms often find themselves on the back pages.

It is therefore vitally important that you do a SWOT analysis, that is, an internal study of your strengths and weaknesses as well as your opportunities and threats.

Once you understand yourself, have a look at...

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Dear Colleagues


As an old pal of mine, once remarked about his career: ‘Find out what you enjoy doing which adds value to other peoples’ lives and never ever work again’. What he was saying is that if you can do something at work  which gives you meaning to your life and which you truly enjoy; you really have a great job which is the same as your hobby.


Corporations Spend Millions

Corporations spend millions of dollars on trying to motivate their staff and...

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The Rio-Antirrio Bridge is a modern engineering marvel that, at its heart, relies on engineering expertise and lessons from the past. Opened in August 2004, the bridge wowed engineers because it reflects and marks the progress of bridge building through history. The bridge is one of the longest multi-span, cable-stayed, suspension bridges in the world.

Credit: By Eusebius, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The bridge links the Peloponnese peninsula to...

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Dear Colleagues


Ferocious and violent arguments are the part of life in engineering. Needless to say, they are rarely productive. And often very damaging to relationships and self esteem. A few suggestions on breaking an argument in its tracks and focussing on positive productive outcomes  follows….


An Argument over Defective Software

I have been involved in many meaningless arguments which have got heated and always regretted the unproductivity of them all. I...

Since 2012 the North-West University (NWU) in South Africa has been competing in solar car challenges. The NWU solar car project stands out as a symbol of engineering excellence in the pursuit of energy efficient transport technology. This flagship inter-disciplinary project of the Faculty of Engineering at NWU, not only focuses on research and the application of new technologies in renewable energy, but also aims at inspiring communities and prospective students to engage with renewable...

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Dear Colleagues

As you bump (race?) up the ladder of an organization, keeping a journal can be really useful. No, I am not referring to making an accounting journal entry but a ‘diary entry’ as we in the Commonwealth English speaking world often refer to it. Or in shipping parlance, sometimes referred to as the ‘captain’s log’.


Journals can be Really Useful

Journals are useful for two reasons, I believe: firstly, to cover yourself when there are disagreements about what...

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The all new DexNet 2.0

Roboticists at UC Berkeley have built a robot that, with a 99 per cent success rate, can grab and move unfamiliar, tangible objects. This new technology may be able to solve the problem of robots not being able to pick up awkwardly shaped objects such as shoes and bottles. With this new nimble-fingered robot, named DexNet 2.0, it is envisioned that such technology could revolutionise the manufacturing and supply chain...

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IBM has come a long way since they introduced their first personal computer in 1981. The advent of the device transformed the world. In the 36 years since then engineers have continued to innovate with computer technology, some might say that the effect computers have had on society is beyond measure.

Photo credit: THE Holy Hand Grenade! via / CC BY-ND

The history of computers reaches to a period long before 1981, but IBM’s maiden voyage into unfamiliar territory undoubtedly...

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Is it okay to fail? Engineering failure can be and has been a good thing; it is after all how we learn and how engineering designs improve. But it can be catastrophic; the tragic failure of a bridge, for example. There is another sort of failure in engineering: companies which have released products to the masses without adequate take-up have experienced market failure.

Failure for these companies usually means sending product engineers back to the drawing board; it is often very difficult...

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To be cyber secure is becoming increasingly difficult because our interconnected world poses greater risks. The battle continues nonetheless; cybersecurity professionals are emerging in larger numbers and installed cybersecurity software and hardware is now essential across all industries. 

Minter Ellison, one of Australia’s largest corporate law firms, warns universities of the potential data theft that they face due to underinvestment in cybersecurity. The firm’s research showed that...

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Dear Colleagues

I was fascinated but not surprised about the impact you can make on reducing crime in your local area – simply by being more entrepreneurial and opening a local retail or manufacturing business. Well - any business where people are employed and clients visit you.


Recent Research

Worldwide, there has been an uptick in mixed use development – combining residential and commercial properties in the same area. This makes it an easier commute and strengthens the...

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Harnessing the wind to the benefit of mankind has been the concern of the more technically minded for centuries. From the sailboat, to the windmill, humans have been making use of this abundant source of energy, and inventing unique ways of capturing its benefits for power generation.

 But how did we get to the point where engineers are today in terms of the very recognizable wind turbines you see today?

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“Going to university coincides with a period of immense change and personal development. We know that one in four young people are going to have an issue with their mental health. I just felt it was important to break the stigma attached to things like anxiety and depression.”

Those are the words of James Connolly, a student at the Australian National University. He was the president of the Students Association. He delivered a speech to students in March encouraging them to increase their...

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Dear Colleagues


We all know that habits can be powerful in achieving great things (e.g. timekeeping or exercising/studying regularly) or descending into the depths (smoking, drinking or eating too much).When we think of habits, I guess we mainly think of the latter ones. And once you have a bad habit, it is verily a devil to break out of.

Some really great suggestions for good habits are listed below in helping to write great code but they actually apply to any part of working...

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For the civil, and fire protection engineers, including the everyday people of West London, the 14th of June 2017 will be a stark reminder of the dangers of fire. At 1a.m. local time, a 24-storey apartment block caught fire, leading to at least twelve deaths, with 60 injured as a result of the blaze.
The London Fire Brigade reportedly dispatched 200 fire-fighters, along with 40 trucks to try and contain the blaze. By daylight, the fire seemed to have been contained.

A concerned civil...

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Telecommunication technologies have grown in leaps and bounds in the last few years. Gone are the days of outdated wired technologies that supply us with our link to the internet, it’s all about the wireless connection in the modern day telecommunications industry.


It was just the other day that 4G LTE technology was being introduced, but now there is a new entrant in the game, due to the large number of devices that are making their way to the cloud.




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An engineering company, with an agenda to be part of our daily lives, is setting the bar higher and higher as the need for clean energy technologies sees global demand.

 Rising CO2 levels has been the key motivator for Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, who has made it his life's mission to make sustainable, renewable energy technologies that would inflict less harm on the planet.

 With that dream in mind, Tesla and its subsidiaries have been hard at work at building the prototypical...

Quintessential Talks

Tom Davies, is an asset and sewerage manager in Australia. He is working on the implementation of a lower budget online monitoring system for a rural wastewater/sewerage scheme in the Shire of Moora. He studied his Masters of Engineering at the Engineering Institute of Technology.




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