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Dear Colleagues


Great work! You have been offered a tremendous new engineering job and are poised to accept. Subject to a final negotiation session to finalise the details, of course.

When you are offered a job – this is normally a signal that you are near end of a long road of a job search, investigating the opportunities and then going on interminable interviews. This period of time when you are close to acceptance of the job is a critical one as you have a huge opportunity to...

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The breakthroughs in the biomedical engineering industry were staggering in 2016. The world moved closer toward wearable systems that could continually monitor human health, and even produced studies for ingestible robots, designed to be powered by human stomach acid.



With biomedical engineering technologies becoming more apt at generating data about the human body and with more accuracy, the world is edging closer to more precise medical...

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What are they and can they provide the solution to the ‘skill gap’ conundrum?

One can earn a micro-credential in a specific, targeted skill or acquire a number of them – part of a broader, inclusive skill set.

Udacity, one of the Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) providers refer to those micro-credentials which form a skill set as nonodegrees and describe them as  curriculums designed to help you become job ready’.

Krista Moroder, a software engineer, states that micro-credentials are...

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What has the Engineering world taught us in the past month? From brilliant developments to quirky new inventions, the good news and the not so good, the month of March has proven to be an interesting one...

Development announced of a new BLAST PROOF tower in Melbourne’s CBD

Image courtesy of

Can any building really be engineered to be “blast-proof”? A new “blast-proof” and “ram raid-proof” 39-storey tower in Melbourne’s CBD will be built to house 2500...

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Dear Colleagues


You would often be confronted with the situation where you have to disagree with your boss or even worse – a client. Is it worth going through the pain of disagreement and the agony afterwards? My  belief is that if you want to stay true to yourself as a credible engineering professional - you have to raise your objections.


It is perfectly natural to avoid conflict – it can be the source of pain and perhaps (in an extreme case – being fired for...

If you have been considering undertaking further study, however have been daunted by the commitment of time and money we may have the solution.
Our new micro-credential course - PICO Master - is a micro credential which allows you to ‘test drive’ an EIT Master Degree while earning valuable credit. We currently have four titles available:

•    Practical Project Management
•    Data Analysis and Statistics
•    Environmental Issues and...

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The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is very proud to present a glimpse into the quite remarkable work being undertaken by our students completing the Master of Engineering in Industrial Automation.


These students, who are studying alongside their work in industry, are deep into the research for the thesis component of the degree. They have delivered the first of two progress presentations and it is clear that their projects will have...

Dear Colleagues

We all yearn for that magic formula to success in life and perhaps in our engineering careers, as well. Although I doubt a simple formula exists. However, scientists at University College London have found what they believe are the five key life skills that will bring you health, career success, wealth and overall success.

Five Fantastic Life Skills

  • Emotional Stability
  • Determination and Grit
  • Control of your environment
  • Optimism
  • And Conscientiousness

You will probably...

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Is the world finally ready to embrace the significance of technical and vocational skills and in doing so bump higher education qualifications off their pedestals and out of their ivory towers?


The government of the United Kingdom is certainly addressing this traditional imbalance.


They are introducing a new ‘T-levels’ system that will run alongside the customary ‘A-levels’, with a plan to implement it by 2019. ‘T-levels’ would prepare a student for further study in...

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In 2013, Nicolene Murdoch, the executive director for teaching and quality at Monash South Africa - a higher education institution - said that historically only 15 to 20% of South African students at universities end up graduating.


More recently, in 2015, the Council of Higher Education calculated the dropout rate (or more formally, the attrition rate) of students that had been studying five year degrees countrywide. The research found that 18% of the country’s 18 to 24 year olds...

Dear Colleagues

When you want to raise some money (from the bank, your long suffering business associates or unsuspecting friends) for your next engineering or technology venture – no matter how big or small - there are some items you should remember when composing your inevitable business plan. I am not arrogant enough to suggest that I can summarise the great flood of articles and books on writing business plans in a few words but there are a few useful suggestions below.

Many of the...

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The United Arab Emirates have continually shown how deep pocketed they are when it comes to funding engineering endeavor.


In the last year, they impressively printed the world’s very first 3D office, and announced plans to build the largest concentrated solar power plant in the world.

Now, they’re moving on to their mobility engineering strategies. They seem convinced that flying taxis are the future. The country unveiled their intention to use EHang 184 drones as...

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Calling all Mechanical Engineers! We need tougher robots.


A clean-up and decommissioning of three of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear reactors, that fell victim to meltdowns after a powerful earthquake and subsequent tsunami in 2011, is underway. The clean-up will cost the equivalent of USD$190 billion.


The first step to decommissioning is locating the spent, melted nuclear fuel. No human can withstand the radiation levels in the reactors. As a result, radiation-resistant...

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The prosperity of many industries hinges on the sucess of engineering innovation and endeavor.


Unfortunately engineers are often only remembered once their well oiled machines, that thrust society forward, stop working. And sometimes they don’t get the recognition they deserve. The Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering has tried to change that disappointing fact.

First awarded in 2013, the QEPrize sets out to aard engineers for their innovation in engineering, with specific...

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Chances are, if you work in an office environment, you’re faced with the temperature dilemma: you are either too hot or too cold. This is exacerbated in an open plan office space; an environment where the aircon’s remote becomes a highly disputed weapon. And it’s all thanks to engineers!


According to renowned Australian author and science commentator, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki, the world sees 20% more air conditioning unit sales yearly.


He makes a very interesting assertion...

Dear Colleagues

Being an objective engineer, I have always been cautious about (whether soft signals from) body language have much impact on how you are perceived but I must say ongoing research shows that it does have a huge impact.

So here are some really great suggestions on improving your response from others especially at your next engineering presentation with the use of effective body language cues ….I believe you will find these tips really work. If they don’t - please let me know...

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Strides are continually being made in road safety engineering. Making roads safer and more efficient is the work of civil engineers across the globe. The safest option would be automating all cars around the world. Ford, Google, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Uber are looking at their implementation in the United States by 2021, but that is still some time away and there are still a few kinks that need to be addressed.



Consequently, engineers are in charge of producing...

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Engineers and scientists have a profound impact on society. The businesses that utilize STEM careers are the tools that build the gross domestic product of a country. Their inventions and innovations change the way the world does things all the time.


However, in the modern day blur of news from media outlets, we seldom hear of the engineers who are tirelessly innovating and working to keep things running. Mostly the focus is on the individuals who preside over engineers, the Elon...

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Sin City just became ‘holier than thou’. The gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas, is now completely powered by renewable energy. Or is it? It seems that Las Vegas’ plans to move toward 100% renewable energy has produced some misinformation.

Popular Mechanics, a well known engineering news magazine, posted a fake story about Vegas back in December 2016. The story professed that Las Vegas was “the largest city in the country to run entirely on renewable energy.”

The city does indeed...

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At EIT we are blessed with an international group of extremely professional, experienced , knowledgeable lecturers who set us apart from other institutions. In a bid to recognise and reward excellence in teaching and professional training by recognising the top three lecturers who go above and beyond the standard requirements of the position, we introduced the annual Award for Excellence in Teaching and Professional Training. 

Every EIT lecturer was assess against a predetermined set of...

Dear Colleagues

There are some frightening statistics about the number of people who would like to leave their jobs…some figures quote up to 70% of workers. Obviously, a huge number of unhappy people out there. Particularly in engineering with its hard drive, unrelenting need for precision, production and peak work loads (often around projects) and unpleasant persistent competition from other lower cost businesses. All placing high levels of pressure and stress on people.

Before You Quit

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In 2016, the United Nations declared that the internet was to be considered a human right, like running water.


The U.N. has enduringly struggled to enforce international law so for this issue the ruling was met with some criticism. Widespread access to the internet is further complicated in certain countries, such as North Korea and China, who regulate their telecommunications.


The Internet of Things - and the oncoming fourth industrial revolution - will be exposing...

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When natural disaster strikes, infrastructure suffers: buildings, roads, power supplies, water, lighting.... In the aftermath, the helping hand of others is sometimes the only thing that can soften the blow. But in some cases, in the long term, it can do more harm than good.



Foreign aid has often been likened to ‘giving a fish to a person who is hungry’. Philanthropy, on the other hand, is more about ‘teaching someone how to catch a fish so that he can fish in the...

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Automated systems are changing our world daily. New technologies make their way into workplaces annually, changing the way a company operates and changing the face of its workforce. Sometimes, automated software crunches the numbers. But, increasingly, in engineering applications, the changing face is a robot.


Robots are the 24/7 worker. No lunch breaks. No toilet breaks. No sick leave. They do, however, need a unifier, to enable them to work together. They need a...

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Graphene, a carbon compound discovered in 2004, is now known as one the strongest materials in the world. At only one atom think it is also one of the most lightweight.


Impressively, it has further benefits; it conducts electricity and is water-repellent too.

These qualities make it very attractive for product design, but engineers have had trouble converting it from 2D to 3D applications.


The US Army is so impressed with this microscopic sheet of carbon that they...

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The Syrian War has reached its fifth year with the death of an estimated 400,000 people. It is also responsible for the biggest refugee crisis in documented history. According to the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), 4.8 million Syrian refugees have fled to neighboring countries, with another 6.6 million displaced in Syria itself. They also report that “hundreds of thousands” have fled to Europe.


Photojournalists have shown that many Syrian cities are uninhabitable, with basic living and...

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Creating infrastructure on a large scale for a vast country with a growing population has, by necessity, been China’s focus. And they are very good at it. Many nations struggle to keep pace with the needs of their citizens and China is no different. It has, however, made some brave, but perhaps somewhat audacious investments in projects for the future.

One of the world’s biggest photovoltaic solar farms now exists in China. Construction began in 2013 and at completion the plant cost was...

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A primary and emergency spillway at Lake Oroville, California, have eroded to the point where repair is immediately required. Water levels have risen to historic levels resulting in worried authorities evacuating more than 190,000 people from the valleys below; they fear that the dam won’t hold.


The reservoir is California’s second-largest provider of water. The dam’s capacity is 4.363537 km3, which equates to 1.75 million Olympic swimming pools.

The dam recently reached...

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Here’s a question you’ve (likely) never asked anyone before: Where does Bermuda get its drinking water from?


A rudimentary question, at best. However, a closer investigation into the topic, a legacy is revealed. A legacy of water engineering and management that the world could learn from.


Bermuda is essentially a series of small islands that are joined via bridges to make up a large land mass. The islands were built upon porous limestone mountain ranges produced by a...

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A solar storm has been brewing in Australia. The country’s homeowners and business owners have lent themselves to renewable energy technologies. More specifically, they are investing in solar photovoltaic energy generation technologies.


Energy Minister, Josh Frydenberg, speaking on Q&A on March 22, 2106, stated that, “Nearly 15% of Australian households have solar panels on their roofs. That’s the highest number of solar panels on people’s roofs per capita anywhere in the...

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Altering leave days, with both men and women employees in mind, may help companies retain women in their jobs, particularly those with positions in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).


PAE is an American engineering firm that designs “high-performing environments” that are designed with a focus on nature, but especially on water and energy conservation.

PAE’s Director of Employee Experience, Shiloh Butterworth, says that they are testing a method to keep...

Dear Colleagues

You will all sigh knowingly when you think of engineering meetings. Often a huge waste of time where the boss holds forth and gives everyone a lecture and participation is rather fractured. Personally I try and avoid them as I have had such bad experiences over the years with them often being unproductive. But they definitely have a vital role to play especially in today’s email ridden world where we sometimes lose the connections and contributions from our peers.

Well – I...

Dear Colleagues

As a young lad or lass - can you remember your first project? I clearly remember my first one - building a crystal radio. Laboriously purchasing all the components (which admittedly weren’t many – a few capacitors/coils/resistors/ headset and a torturously long piece  of wire for the antenna). It was simply amazing when everything clicked into place after some wrestling with the soldering iron and a few recalcitrant wires and I had strung up the antenna over the roof of our...

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Pardon Makura is an instrumentation and control technician at Eskom’s Medupi Power Station in Lephalale, South Africa. He was awarded the City & Guilds of London Institute’s Gold Medal for Excellency in Electronics in 2002, and earned the Licentiateship (LCGI) Diploma in Electronics,  in 2006.

And now he is an Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) alumnus. He completed one of our Certificate Courses in 2012 and at the end of 2016 he graduated from our Advanced Diploma in...

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Endeavour Mining’s Karma mine in Burkina Faso, West Africa, is an open-pit mine that produces an estimated 190,000 ounces of gold annually. The mine started construction operations in April 2016, and is expected to run over a 10-year mine life.

The Former CEO of Endeavour, Neil Woodyer, before the operation began, said:

“Once in production, it will become our flagship low-cost mine and will rank amongst West Africa’s top tier cash generating mines.”

Simbarashe Mburuma has worked in...

Dear Colleagues,

The current evidence clearly relates better maths results for students to a country’s higher GDP and incomes. Thus a key question relates to the best way to teach maths (or ‘math’ as our North American cousins refer to it). Further to this, a vital question is how to relate success in maths to success in your engineering job. Especially from a creative and innovation point of view. As we all know, creativity is highly prized in the world today (whether it be Bruce Springsteen...

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EIT will be exhibiting at Career Indaba, South Africa’s premier further education and career guidance exhibition.  The event  attracts approximately 60,000 visitors annually and will feature over 60 local and international exhibitors.

If you have been considering an EIT program or have questions about our course options, who not come and speak to a representative?  It’s free to attend!

You can visit us at stand 1A on 5th and 6th March 2017, Sandton Convention Centre...

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Michael James Ingham is a Mechanical Inspector for the QA Team on the Ichthys LNG Downstream Project in Darwin, Australia. He recently graduated from the Engineering Institute of Technology, obtaining his qualification in the Diploma of Leadership and Management.

In 1995, when Michael Ingham finished school he started his apprenticeship in Engineering Fabrication. “I spent a lot of time fabricating and welding in a workshop environment, using radial drills, lathes and milling machines. I...

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The President of the United States, Donald Trump, has signed an executive order which stipulates that a wall along the US-Mexico border is to be constructed. The initial promise was that it would be 50-foot high and 2,000 miles long. The President is determined that a wall will be built, and that Mexico will pay for it. Needless to say, it has left civil engineers wide-eyed.


As envisaged the wall will span four states: California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.



Dear Colleagues

In the old days – we couldn’t survive without decent filters on our camera to take a good photo. However, today much can be done digitally after the photo has been taken and the filtering and photo enhancement done later. As long as you have grabbed all the critical data with quality high resolution images together with good lighting.

A Noisy Old World
When you are working with real equipment and instrumentation, you will often see noisy signals. I am thinking particularly of...

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Industrial engineering and IIoT expansion

Experts have been wondering if 2017 is indeed the year where the complete worldwide movement toward smart factories begins. The Internet of Things is slowly making its way into the factory, interconnecting everything inside of it, and producing large swathes of performance and operational data that needs to be analyzed by factory employees. The intertwining of internet and industry has produced a new name for IoT in industry: The Industrial Internet...

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Should we be afraid of the oncoming deluge of automation technologies that are being engineered in the world? These technologies are certainly having a massive impact already; what do they augur for the future of employment?


The White House released a report in December 2016 entitled: Artificial Intelligence (AI), Automation, and the Economy. An excerpt of the report reads:


Today, it may be challenging to predict exactly which jobs will be most immediately affected by...

Dear Colleagues

I believe engineering professionals have a fundamental contradiction in their careers. They have to be obsessed with being absolutely meticulous, precise and have an enthusiasm for detail in their engineering work. However, in order to be successful – they have to communicate with absolute brilliance and passion summarising difficult concepts in often simple-to-understand ways.

How Many Times Have you Heard?
How many times have you heard someone highly technical droning on and...

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Cybersecurity has become one of the most important topics of conversation for business, governments and the general population, all those striving for the security and privacy of their data, some of which is stored in the cloud.


There are measures that can be taken to protect data, but the situation is worsening. Entire industries are being threatened with ransomware - one of the most malignant hacking enterprises - as criminal ‘businesses’ pop up around the...

EIT 2014 Graduate of the Year (Australia) Chris De Lange

Chris De Lange is our 2014 EIT Graduate of the Year and an inspiring citizen of the world.

As a young man, Chris graduated in 1979 as an electro-mechanical technician. He then worked in the steel industry, underground in black coal mines, as a foreman in an 8000 loaves an hour bakery and later as maintenance manager for four large bakeries. Then, after honing his skills in a number of other industries, he did the entrepreneurial thing and opened his own business; Extreme Welding...

Studying Engineering at Very Long Distance from Macquarie Island. EIT student Steve Szekely

Some special visitors just outside Steve’s study area  

One of our engineering students, Steve Szekely (pictured), is based at the Australian Antarctic Division station on very remote Macquarie Island in the Southern Ocean. The base is a sub-Antarctic settlement of between 15 and 40 people located at the northern tip of the 34km by 5km island. The island is world heritage listed. We were curious about Steve’s life and work at the station and about how he managed his...

Efficiency and cost considerations mean that more and more people are turning to web-based course work, and this now includes 70 year old engineer Edwin Wakefield from South Africa.
Edwin has just successfully completed a three month part-time course in PLC’s and SCADA Systems, one of a range of courses offered by EIT via distance learning. Edwin enrolled in the class under his own steam and paid his own way, aiming to expand the knowledge he has developed during his career in...

Online training via the internet really is coming of age when two generations from one a South African company both enrol in the same distance learning course provided by a Perth-based company.
Elite Electrical Services is managed by the Liebenbergs, father and son in a family owned business based in Johannesburg. Both enrolled earlier this year in the Engineering Institute of Technology 18 month Advanced Diploma of Electrical Engineering. And both remain excited about the course...

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A student on our recent Hazardous Areas course was kind enough to share some photos with us of a recent potentially hazardous encounter at a mine in Phalaborwa.

The mine is almost entirely occupied by wild life. Game farms and Nature reserves overlap, so the animals migrate over vast areas freely. There are lots of animals that frequently visit the mines in the area on a regular basis. These larger animals as well as the predatory animals very rarely come into contact with humans because of...

In a recent phone discussion with the EIT’s Ric Harrison, a Senior Course Advisor, the student made some very valid comments for people who are contemplating the value of adding a recognised qualification to their CV’s.


This student completed his Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation in 2010, and is just two Modules from finishing his Advanced Diploma of Applied Electrical Engineering.


EIT:  You must value these courses, now that you have almost completed your...

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