Mr Coffee to the rescue…

They say that money can’t buy happiness – but $999 can buy a Wi-Fi enabled coffee machine, and we think that comes pretty close! This advanced coffee machine, named Mr Coffee, makes coffee for you at your convenience with just a tap of your smartphone using Wi-Fi connectivity. What’s not to love? The only disadvantage we can identify is that Mr Coffee (pictured below) does not come with a walking robot to have the coffee delivered to your sofa as well!

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Man undergoes elective amputation to be fitted with bionic arm

Due to being involved in a motor accident, a man named Milo lost functionality in his arm and therefore decided to voluntarily undergo amputation. His arm has been replaced with astonishingly intelligent wearable technology: a bionic arm, which allows him to have increased functionality. Manufactured by German prosthetics company Otto Bock, the arm is comprised of six sensors that pick up the neuronal signals sent to the forearm from the brain to control arm and hand movement. Electrical signals are converted into mechanical movement for maximised mobility.

To take a look at Milo's incredible journey with this wearable technology, click the video below:

Would you ride in a driverless sky vehicle?

Dubai is racing to become the first to have a sky transport network using Volicopters, pictured below.

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The Volicopter is claimed to be able to run at a top speed of 100km/h with a maximum flight time of 30 minutes. Nine independent battery systems ensure safety, and it has been assured that the on-board parachute system will “never be required”. Dubai will begin a 5 year testing period of the Volicopter later this year – but the real question is, would you trust your life with this new technology?

'Human on a chip’: Could this be an alternative to animal testing?

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Image: Human on a chip. Credit: fastcompany

For decades now, testing products on animals has been a point of concern and controversy that has caused companies to receive significant public criticism. However, thanks to developing technology, using lab rats or other animals for psychological, biological and physical experiments could become a thing of the past with the invention of the ‘human on a chip’. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory are working on developing new technology that essentially replicates vital human tissues onto microchips, for testing. Instead of testing on live animals, ‘Human on a chip’ aims at testing on non-conscious human cells, which will then be exposed to chemicals and electrical signals for the experiments (just like any other lab animal).

To read more on this amazing technology, click here.

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