Cryogenics, the world's most advanced artificial intelligence, an automated clothing folder and a rotating, shape-shifting sky scraper. Read ahead for a snapshot of what interesting things October brought us in engineering news...

Cryogenics: Frozen in time

Ever wondered what it would be like to fast forward and suddenly wake up in the future?

Thanks to developing medical science, this may in fact be possible. An increasing amount of people have been paying for their bodies to be cryogenically frozen after they die, so that they may be able to be brought back to life in the future.

For the body to be cryogenically frozen, it must be cooled with ice packs immediately after death, and then drained of its blood. The body must then be submerged into a sleeping bag inside liquid nitrogen, cooled to -196 degrees Celsius.

Dependant upon the company chosen, preserving your body after you die can cost anywhere upwards of $30,000. It is an amazing thought that we could be preserved and wake up sometime in the future – who knows, 1000 years later! However, science has not yet been able to determine how well the body would stay preserved for extended periods of time, and whether the unfreezing process could guarantee a second chance at life.

Artificial Intelligence in China

The world’s most advanced artificial intelligence surveillance system is being used in Hangzhou, China, to track citizens. The project, called the City Brain project, controls certain parts of urban life using data collected by artificial intelligence. For example, traffic flow can be monitored, and citizens are notified of any congestion ten minutes ahead of time so that they can plan a different route. The aim is to improve the life of citizens in China, which so far has been a success, as traffic congestion is  now much lower. Watch the video below to see the other wonders that this project involves:

No time to fold washing? No worries!

$850 may seem like a lot of money, but what if we told you that you will never have to fold washing ever again?

A tech start up based in San Francisco have come up with the ‘FoldiMate’, which is a machine that will fold your washing for you all day. All you need to do is hang the freshly washed clothing on the FoldiMate rack and choose the relevant type of clothing that is being folded. The device can sense the fabric type and therefore will adjust accordingly. With it being able to handle 15-20 pieces of clothing at a time, we think this is the ultimate time saving must-have!

Watch the video below for a 30 second preview of the wonderful FoldiMate!

Dubai’s futuristic rotating, shape-shifting sky scraper!

This futuristic sky scraper is coming to Dubai in 2020. Each floor of the tower can rotate individually, offering a 360 degree view! This is the first building that will continually change shape and as a result, will never look the same for more than a single moment. Check out the below video for a look at some of its breathtaking features.

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