Warning for parents this Christmas: Net-connected gadgets

The UK’s data regulator has put out a warning detailing the risk that net-connected toys and gadgets could pose on home security.

According to deputy information commissioner Steve Wood, many toys cannot be updated to fix bugs and have such poor security that they could be used by hackers as a way to break into a home network.

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Image: BBC

Therefore it is advised that anyone thinking of buying a net-connected gadget should thoroughly research its security and check its privacy settings before wrapping it up to give to someone this Christmas!

The world’s first demountable stadium

The stadiums built in different countries to host the huge event of the Olympic Games often do not have much use afterwards. To remedy this wastage, Qatar has unveiled plans to build the world’s first demountable stadium, made of shipping containers!

These containers will hold things such as removable seats, concession stands and toilets – but the best thing about all this is that the stadium can be dismantled once it is no longer required. It is simply deconstructed and stored for future use, or converted into a smaller utility.

With a seating capacity of 40,000, the stadium is expected to be completed in 2020. Check out the following video to see how the demountable stadium will be put up and how it will come apart again.

The Earth is round…or is it?

A man in California is setting out to prove his idea that the Earth is not actually a sphere, and instead, flat. To prove his claim, he is launching himself at 500 miles per hour in a homemade rocket, several miles above the Earth’s surface. He received help from his supporters to build the rocket, but won’t be able to test it prior to the launch.

Fundraisers have been set up to support the building of the rocket, which has even attracted the attention of American rapper B.O.B; who is now a large supporter of the research into the project.

Watch the below video to learn more about the launch...

World’s first electronically smart pill: Abilify MyCite

The world’s first electronically smart pill, Abilify MyCite, has been approved by the American Food and Drug Association (FDA). The pill has a tiny sensor that is no bigger than a grain of sand, and will allow patient information to be gathered and willingly given to doctors and caretakers.

The data from the pill is transmitted by a patch on the patient’s left rib, which connects to a smartphone via Bluetooth. The smartphone can then display information such as the time the pill was taken, the dosage and the patient’s activity levels.

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Image: Proteus Digital Health


It is remarkable how a physcially tiny tablet can be developed into a high-tech piece of medical equipment that can improve the lives of patients and allow for higher accuracy with data collection. However, it is inevtiable with the fast paced world of technology that privacy risks become a concern with devices such as these, and we must work to determine a boundary between technology and ethics.

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