This month's May Roundup has some interesting finds...be sure to scroll down for a read.

A printable, flexible and rechargeable battery

Nano-engineers at the University of California (San Diego), have developed zinc batteries flexible and stretchable by using hyper-elastic polymer layers made from isoprene and polystyrene. In this way, the batteries can stretch twice their size without damage. The batteries were also able to be made rechargeable by adding bismuth oxide to the ink, along with zinc silver oxide.

To find out more, see the video below.


Invisibility could be possible...

EIT Stock ImageNew technology could be achieving what was once thought to be impossible: invisibility. Researchers from North Carolina State University have tuned the refractive index of a semiconductor using electric fields, resulting in a change of light behaviour passing through it.

This breakthrough opens up a world of possibilities, including being able to watch a virtual reality without goggles, the creation of an invisibility cloak and watching a movie that floats in front of your eyes.

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Image credit: imeche.org

Soggy pizza crusts a thing of the past: Apple engineers a special box

While Apple has surprised us in the past with its technological advancements, we never would’ve guessed the company would expand its repertoire to solve our food-related problems.

The pizza box, pictured below, means that we no longer have to endure the pain of soggy take-out.

EIT Stock Image

Image source: Wonderfulengineering.com


Patented by Apple in 2010, this circular pizza box contains steam holes in the right places to allow steam to escape, along with carefully placed ridges to elevate certain parts of the pizza. The box is also designed to be storage savvy.

However, bad news: these boxes, currently being trialled by Apple employees, have not been publicly released…

Is your home hack-proof?

The devices in your home – such as light switches, doorbells and fridges – can be controlled remotely and connected through Wi-Fi.  This sets up a network in which data is collected and shared, making it a possible target for hackers. How protected are your home devices?

Click here  for a BBC video, where cyber-security expert Ken Munro discusses ways in which you can protect your home from hack attacks.

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