Engineering mothers save lives with a simple vehicle tool

Elsa Foley, an engineer at Nissan and mother of two boys, has developed an innovative new technology called Rear Door Alert. The inspiration behind this? Every summer, children die from being left inside a hot car. With the help of Marlene Mendoza, another female engineer, Rear Door Alert has been engineered to set off a unique alarm when something has been left behind in the back seat of the car. Take a look at the video below for an explanation of this new innovative technology.

Apple posts secret job listing

On a hidden website, Apple posted a secret job advertisement in a bid to attract the world’s best engineering talents...

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However, the initiative backfired when a clever journalist discovered the secret ad. Zac Whittaker, a security reporter with ZDNet, stumbled upon the website whilst analysing data sent from iPhone applications. After Whittaker posted about it on Twitter, the job ad was taken down by Apple.

Futuristic public transport designed by Russian engineering company

Russian engineering company Dahir Insaat has revealed a bizarre plan for what the future of public transport could look like. A gyroscope could be used to avoid traffic entirely, simply by travelling over the top of them. For an animation of how it works, check out the below video.


Although Dahir Insaat’s designs could be deemed as far too futuristic, it is still an interesting idea – and who knows, it could come to life in the future!

Would you live in a floating house in Amsterdam?

With recent advancements in civil engineering, floating homes have become a reality in the bustling city of Amsterdam. Built to protect from the city’s floods, as well as create more space for residential areas, the houses are put together on land and transported to the water via boat.

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Image: Amsterdam's "floating village"

Half of the house is underwater, with the structure built from lightweight timber frames. Since the project began in 2011, approximately 20,000 people have moved into these homes. The project will continue on to see a total of 18,000 homes for 45,000 residents, with more of a "village" feel to be created with the future construction of floating schools, restaurants and shops too!

However, although a great solution to floods, unfortunately earthquakes are a major threat to these floating “villages”.

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