The ego has landed. Dr. Ben Choi, an associate professor of computer science at Louisiana Tech University claims that he has...in his possession...the new technology...that will revolutionize the computing industry...forever. No, really. USA Today affiliate, the News Star, has reported that Choi possesses new hardware that will redefine what we know about the computer engineering industry as we know it. So, expect a big announcement soon...maybe. 

EIT Stock ImageChoi will deliver a keynote at the International Conference on Measurement Instrumentation and Electronics taking place in June. He will allegedly display the changes to the methods pertaining to the "foundational architecture" and designing of computers. He has reportedly changed the way computers compute. The computers of the future, as according to Choi, will not use binary but rather make use of "multiple values" which would lead to quicker computing. In the industry, this is normally associated with quantum computing, but perhaps Choi has other plans of how this achievable. He will be relaying information about the data transfer between processors, the speed of microprocessors and increasing the capacity of memory. 

"Advances in the foundational design of the computer are needed in business and research applications as well as at the foundation of cyber security efforts across the nation. Dr. Choi's invention to present at the upcoming conference has, increases interest in this foundational architecture," said Dr. Galen Turner, director of computer science, cyber engineering, electrical engineering and electrical engineering technology at Louisiana Tech. 

Choi will be releasing a journal with a published report on the future of computing. He says: "If this is successful, computers in the future will be based on our technology." A lot of confidence being exuded here. Choi is currently focusing on Humanoid Robots, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Intelligent Agents, Semantic Web, Data Mining, Fuzzy Systems and Parallel Computing, according to News Star, so we'd imagine what he has been studying might factor into this new computing revolution he is going to deliver a keynote on. 

Choi's revelations would have to be particularly strong in a climate where quantum computing is becoming even more popular. Or, Choi is actually working on the first quantum computer that can be purchased. Here's a quick lesson of what quantum computing is, as explained by the Prime Minister of Canada: 


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