Tesla has announced the price information on its commercial and utility-scale products. They will be selling what are known as 'Powerpacks'. Is it time to replace that old generator powering your workplace once the lights go down? Perhaps you should hold onto it a little longer. Critics are saying Tesla's Powerpacks are on the expensive side. 

The minimum amount of Powerpacks you can order today is 2 Powerpacks at the price of US$47,000 each. That is just for the Powerpack itself. The batteries come with a US$65,000 Bi-directional 250 kW Inverter and support hardware that will set you back US$3,000. Then you pay extra for installation. 

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Credit: Electrek

Electrek confirms the least expensive Powerpack solution will set a business/customer back US$162,000 for 200 kWh of energy and 100 kW of peak power. 

If an industrial complex is interested in clean, renewable energy, there is a 54 Powerpack solution from Tesla, which would set a company back US$3,217,000. 

Tesla says the Powerpack is ideal for peak shaving which discharges "at peak demand to avoid or reduce demand charges" as well as serving as an emergency backup in grid interruption circumstances and load shifts so that a customer can avoid hefty energy prices. 

A supposed customer utilizing the Powerpacks has written a testimonial, vouching for the energy solution. The customer in question is Jackson Family Wines and they wrote:

With Tesla Energy, we have taken a two-fold approach to energy management at our wineries by improving operational efficiency across all lvels of our organization and reinvesting those savings in onsite renewable energy systems. 

Will you be getting these Powerpacks for your company? 

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