Siemens have announced their entry into the fourth industrial revolution (Industrie 4.0) at Hannover Messe this week. The company is releasing a solution for companies of all sizes in every industry in what they are calling their 'digital expansion' solution. They indicate that they are bringing the virtual world and the real world together in a fully functional 'eco-system' of industrial automation, which a lot of companies are now doing to accommodate the oncoming IoT revolution. 

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Member of the Managing Board of Siemens AG, Klaus Helmrich, said in a statement: "To support our customers on their way to attaining Industrie 4.0, no matter what size their company and not matter in which industry, we have undertaken further development of our Digital Enterprise portfolio. We are now in a position to offer them even more and even better solutions to address their needs. 

Siemens's strongest industries they are currently operating in - that they are showing off at Hannover Messe - are energy for industry, additive manufacturing (3D printing), automotive industry and the fiber industry. For these industries, Siemens says a Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal V14 can be utilised to automate processes in a company and thrust their business forward into Industrie 4.0.

Furthermore, data and analytics services are being offered, which Siemens says will lead to "higher quality, more efficient products, and processes." 

"It is precisely in this data consistency that we envisage the opportunity to realize the demands of Industrie 4.0," says Helmrich. 

Their media brief also said:

Using "Integrated Mechatronincs Engineering for Automation" will also enable components to be used as complete units when developing a machine or plant: for instance, motors, drives, valves or entire modules containing detailed information about all the involved engineering disciplnes. 


Helmrich concluded by saying: "For companies in the process industry, there are different ways in which digital transformation can be implemented. They can draw existing facilities into the digital world one step at a time, enter into integrated operation or also carry out the transformation of documentation into digital data." 


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