As reported on yesterday, Hyperloop One, the company behind taking Elon Musk's desire to redesign the world of public train transport, was to conduct its first open air test. You can see the results of the test below...and spoiler alert...it's quick and disappointing to watch. However, to the engineers working on the project, it is what they need to gather the data and prepare for the next test. 

The sled - seen in the video above - reached 2.5 Gs and got to 167 MPH before ending its run in a sandpit. The next step in the testing phase is putting together tubes that are currently at the test facility in Nevada and building a 1.5 kilometer (0.93 mile) test tube. The engineers are hoping they will be able to test out the levitation system and reach speeds of 400 MPH and more. 

The video below is from Hyperloop One itself and drums up a bit more excitement for the future of the project. Engineers around the world are still criticizing the project and questioning its feasibility, however, time will tell whether or not this is a pipe dream or not. 


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