Civil engineers would be pleased to know an update for AutoCAD Civil 3D will be available to them soon. The software gives engineers the ability to give a virtual showcase of what a certain addition to a town might look like. The new AutoCAD Civil 3D 2017 is an updated version of Autocad boasting new additions that will assist civil engineering and infrastructure designs. 

The new version will team up with InfraWorks 360 to keep tabs on work progress in engineering teams. This plugin allows InfraWorks infrastructure objects to be imported into the program. 

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Credit: Autodesk

Corridor design has also been reupholstered into the new version of the software. Greg Dixie, an application specialist for Excitech Ltd, previewed the new corridor design abilities in a YouTube video. He said: "You can make short-cut corridor models. I can import my corridor models into the program and it looks slightly different than it did before." Another addition is the extraction of corridor properties, which is also something new in the 2017 iteration of the program. 

According to Engineering.com, pipe design is also an updated feature. The program includes a larger library of "pressure pipe content" for HDPE, PVC and steel pipes. 

Theo Angelopoulos, director of infrastructure industry business strategy and marketing at Autodesk said: "Today's civil infrastructure professionals face huge challenges to build new or retrofit our communities' infrastructure for transportation, land use, water, and energy in ways that are more economical, practical, resilient and attractive." They are confident that the program will assist civil engineers in creating the best possible virtual representations of how to engineer something that is of worth to the community and that can be built according to the digital guidelines that the software provides.

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