Like something out of an Isaac Asimov novel, Microsoft has shown what its HoloLens might be capable of in the near future. The HoloLens - if you haven't seen it by now - is a new augmented reality (AR) headset that integrates with the spaces visible in front of you, displaying objects around the world you know. Now, a new feature is being advertised that might revolutionize the technology and get the consumers salivating. 

It is called 'holoportation'. In short, it is a hologram that looks very Star Wars-esque. Shahram Izadi, a Partner Research Manager with Microsoft says that this could change the way humans communicate. 

"Imagine being able to virtually teleport from one space to another in real time," Izadi said in the company's announcement video. The idea is that those wanting to communicate via hologram both would have to wear the HoloLens from Microsoft and will be able to view each other in real time in augmented reality. 

Microsoft's newly designed 3D capture system utilizes cameras set up around a room and tracks any movement, transferring data into computers that can represent it in a 3D space. The engineers also say that the sessions can be recorded and played back. Something that could revolutionize business and home life. 

Izadi spoke of the possibilities, saying, "Imagine using this type of capture technology to connect with family members who are thousands of miles away." 



If there was any doubt as to why you would want one of these HoloLenses, there is little doubt now. 

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