Want to go into a joint venture with Aston Martin? It's not only good-looking cars the company produces, they also design a host of other quality products. Now they are looking to consult and collaborate with companies again. 

Aston Martin worked with Foster + Partners to work on the London bus of the future. According to Autocar, they also worked along with Quintessence Yachts to build the AM37 powerboat. 

Now, Aston Martin wants further engineering and manufacturing collaboration. They have set up a consulting branch of the company that will operate under the name Aston Martin Consulting. 

Aston Martin says it will give companies a platform to engage with their "expertise centered on design, engineering, and manufacturing." 

CEO of Aston Martin, Dr. Andy Palmer said, "We are often asked to collaborate on projects with other companies. My belief is that we can expand the provision of our expertise and experience even further. The formation of Aston Martin Consulting means that we can offer a more structured approach to these projects." 

The man at the helm of the consulting company will be Bradley Yorke-Biggs who works for Aston Martin as their director of strategy, information technology and governmental affairs.  It was clear that he couldn't wait to get started. He said: "We are very excited to extend the reach of the business to include the provision of services across different sectors: both automotive and beyond. We have an incredibly talented and experienced team within Aston Martin and we look forward to expanding our horizons as we work with new clients on interesting new projects."

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