Twenty-five percent of engineering graduates are jobless in India, according to a study published by the All India Professionals Congress. Whereas a study published 1,618 miles away, in the United Arab Emirates, indicates that there are not enough graduates to go around. This is in a region where engineers are highly sought after.

The study in the UAE was named ‘Majors in Demand’ and was conducted by the Ministry of Education. The study took a look at over 13,000 graduates from government and higher education institutions who graduated in 2017.

Source: Ministry of Education

They found that civil engineers were most in demand, but believe that their findings would be a useful guide to undergraduates generally.

The Minister of State for Higher Education and Advanced Skills in the UAE told state media:

“This study is an ideal forecasting tool for students”

The study in India paints a grimmer picture than that painted by the UAE. The country seems to have a glut of engineering graduates with not enough jobs available for them.

The report out of India comes from the All India Professionals Congress. They canvassed 2,600 engineering graduates, finding that 25 percent of the graduates were unable to find employment.

All India Professionals Congress secretary Sudheer M told media:

“It is the need of the hour that we consider education a serious factor in the country’s progress. This prompted me to conduct a study of engineering education to start with.”

The Times of India goes on to report on which graduates are having more luck: mechanical engineers are most likely to be employed, but that civil engineering graduates are also being hired.

Of the students canvassed, however, 80 percent indicated that they felt a lack of connection to the engineering industries in the country.

This connection to industry is something the Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) feels is critical to a graduate’s success. And to this end the college works hard to contextualize all theory, add real practice into the engineering bachelor and master degrees and expose students to the relevant industries during their studies.

EIT also ensures that their industry-driven content is presented by experienced engineers from around the world. The online students interact with these experts in real time and the students on campus in Australia receive a combination of face-to-face teaching and globally-based lecturers streaming into their classrooms. EIT believes that graduates who are immersed in real engineering, throughout their studies, are more likely to find the jobs they dream of.


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