Airplane engineers at Boeing might have a rocky week ahead. Boeing Co said that it is planning to retrench some of its airplane engineering staff, confirmed by an exclusive Reuters report

Allegedly, a memo sent around within the company stated that they could be making voluntary layoffs. The memo quoted by Reuters stated, "We do not intend to backfill for people who retire from their executive or management roles unless the position is absolutely vital to carrying out our work statement." The department that is directly affected is the department that deals with the commercial airplanes. 

Ray Conner, Airplanes chief at Boeing, said, “To win in the market, fund our growth and operate as a healthy business, we are taking thoughtful steps to reduce the cost of designing and building our airplanes, part of which involves evaluating our employment levels across all of commercial airplanes." 

The retrenchment of airplane professionals is on the heels of a known slump in the airplane industry. There are some critics of Boeing for the retrenchment but are confident that this presents an opportunity for other companies to recruit aeronautical engineers from the company which is in constant competition with Airbus. 




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