Boeing rival, Airbus, is reporting that the first quarter of the year wasn't a good one for them. The company is saying the slump they have found themselves is the slowest start to the year compared to 2011. Airbus was also said to be retrenching some of its aerospace engineers from within in the country in February. 

According to Reuters, Airbus reportedly only made 32 aircraft sales and delivered 125, which equals to 74 percent down compared to the same time last year. Airbus were also unable to sell two A380s superjumbo jets, which would have seen an 840 seater plane make its way to commercial passenger flights. Known as the "flying sardine cans," the planes would have been sold to Air Austral but the order fell through and was cancelled. However, they did receive two orders from - what Reuters is calling - an 'undisclosed customer'. So, soon you could be flying in an A380 with 839 other passengers. 

According to Bloomberg, the 125 Airbuses that were delivered to customers this year pales in comparison to the 176 aircraft that Boeing have delivered, showing who has won the first quarter of the year. 

However, Boeing has also said they expect to be in a slump very soon as they look toward implementing a new model of plane. 

To make matters even worse an Airbus 320 belonging to Air India fell out of the sky during an alleged training center fly by. 

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