Melbourne: word on the street is that it is the education and technology capital of Australia and the most popular Australian study destination for international students.

And there is more: there are murmurings that tech giants are looking to develop a city within greater Melbourne, dubbed the ‘Australian Education City’ it will mimic the success of that launch-pad of many business start-ups: Silicon Valley, in California. If they get the green light, the Melbourne version is set to cost AU$30 billion.

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Melbourne is also becoming known as a city that never sleeps. And it is the fastest growing economy in Australia.

Greville Pabst, the Managing Director of property valuations and advisory company WBP Group told News.com.au:

“Melbourne is a global city. Like all global cities, there is a current trend towards everybody wanting to move to that 24/7 city. Close to amenities, close to transport, close to your favorite restaurant, and coffee. It’s all about lifestyle.”

The Engineering Institute of Technology (EIT) is poised to take advantage of this exciting city – it is set to open the doors to its Melbourne campus. EIT, in partnership with the Universal Institute of Technology (UIT), will share UIT’s beautiful premises in the heart of Melbourne’s CBD.  

From February 2019, EIT invites students from all over the world to spend two years in Melbourne, Australia, to study towards their Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation).


Industrial Automation is a vital and growing discipline of engineering because it is actively advancing the Fourth Industrial Revolution; it has its eye squarely set on the industries of the future.

The Melbourne campus is the second EIT campus to open; the Perth facility opened in February 2018.


Melbourne will host the post-graduate degree to begin with, whereas those students attending EIT in Perth have access to four Bachelor of Science Degrees - in a range of engineering disciplines - and the Master of Engineering (Industrial Automation).


The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Every day technology is replacing the repetitive tasks traditionally accomplished by humans: this presents a unique challenge to us all.  We need to both broaden our skills or indeed reskill to ensure we remain relevant and useful within our changing work environments. Those students and graduates involved in the technologies driving the changes are particularly well-placed.

EIT is one of the institute’s readying students for careers in those technologies that define the Fourth Industrial Revolution. EIT equips learners for an industrial environment ruled by artificially-intelligent industrial robots, self-driving vehicles and the myriad of sensors facilitating the Internet of Things.

With a Masters in Industrial Automation, students will be well prepared to form part of the global economy that is being defined by the automated systems that efficiently run industry all around the world.


Culture and Sports

But...back to the lifestyle of leisure! Melbourne is sports-crazed. The people of Melbourne are particularly fond of Australian Rules Football (AFL). The AFL’s finals are held in Melbourne every year at the Melbourne Cricket Ground – yep they also love their cricket!

During cricket season the Melbourne Cricket Ground proves very popular. And a famous horse race – the Melbourne Cup - is celebrated each year in November with all Victorians given the day off for the event!

Melbourne also has a large arts and culture vibe that adds color to the city. As business and technology is woven into the fabric of Melbourne, the well-established art scene will continue to provide the depth and vibrancy that marks the city.

There are fewer rough and tumble, hard-hat wearing engineers in the industry - as it becomes increasingly technology-based. But whichever hat we engineers wear, when the ‘Arts’ creep into engineering we can see it complementing our skills.

The Dean of Engineering at EIT, Steve Mackay, wrote in a recent blog entitled, ‘Originally from the Wild West, we engineers now need to be attuned to style and culture’, wrote:

“Some of my engineering colleagues, those who are eminently cultured, may be a little piqued at the idea that they are Wild West types. But I do remember being mildly surprised (when working on commissioning a power station in the middle of the Australian outback) that the grubbiest and seemingly coarsest technician on site ended up hosting a spectacular black tie, wine-appreciation night. He was the part owner of a famous vineyard with a magnificent art gallery. He had hit hard times and needed to return to ply his craft (engineering) to support his artistic alter ego.”

Interested in studying with EIT on-campus in Melbourne? Please send your enquiry to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out how to apply.

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