The World Economic Forum has conducted research which details which country produces the most engineering graduates. Unfortunately, the data they collected left China and India out of the equation due to a "lack of data". Due to the perplexing fact that they left the two countries out, InsiderMonkey.com conducted their own investigations to see which country has the most engineering graduates, factoring in the research done by the World Economic Forum 

These were their findings:

The Top 5 countries producing the most engineering graduates per year: 

5. Iran: 233,695 graduates. According to Forbes, 70% of the graduates are alleged to be women, which would suggest that they have the most women engineer graduates in the world. 

4. The United States: 237,800. InsiderMonkey.com claims that only one in every 20 students majors in engineering in the US of A. 

3. Russia: 454,400 graduates.

2: India: 1 million graduates. They might have one of the largest numbers of graduates, however, a report called the Aspiring Minds National Employability Report 2015 (click to download pdf) which surveyed 150,000 engineering students from more than 650 engineering colleges found that 80% of the graduates were unemployable. 

1: China: 1.3 million graduates. The huge number of graduates was estimated by UNESCO in 2013. Engineering and Technology Magazine says the statistic should be taken at face value because the number has been disputed. 

UNESCO's Institute of Statistics then released another report in 2015 that also excluded India and China from their findings. The official answer that is given is that the countries do not supply their data and so cannot be factored into top 10 lists. The assumption that China and India are some of the most populated areas on earth suggests that they might produce more engineer graduates per capita than any other countries.



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