What are the top universities to study at if you are serious about having a career in engineering? What are the top notch institutes that would definitely get you employment in the engineering industry? Times Higher Education says they have come up with the definitive top 10 list. They have ranked them according to their readiness to produce premium engineering education. 

Unsurprisingly, the top 10 list names a lot of universities that have impeccable research and development laboratories where some of the world's new products are built in by alumni and student engineers alike. 

10 - Carnegie Mellon University: U.S.A

CMU in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania are on a list on the World Economic Forum's Global University Leaders Forum. 

9 - Imperial College London: UK

According to University Herald, Imperial College London is the "highest ranking university in London in the engineering and technology domain."

8 - ETH Zurich: Switzerland

Named one of the best universities in the world for robotics engineering education. Researchers at the institute have recently made a walking dog robot. Marco Hutter, the engineer behind the dog, said: "In the field of robotics, ETH is one of the best universities in the world – if not the best."


7 - Princeton University: U.S.A


6 - University of Oxford: UK

One of the most famous universities in the world. Recently, they have started hiring additive manufacturing specialists to cement them as a university with the latest in 3D printing technology. The university has a world-class reputation with students across all faculties. 


5 - University of California: Berkeley, U.S.A

When you think about Silicon Valley, you think about the engineers that come from University of California. A neuroscientist from the university has recently won an early-career award, showing that the university equips young minds with the tools to achieve. 

4 - University of Cambridge: UK

Recently, James Dyson, the head of the Dyson company opened the Dyson Centre for Engineering Design at Cambridge. The centre cost $11.6 million to build. It furthers Cambridge as a university that will be bringing the best-designed products that will be engineered and ready for the mass consumer market.

3 - Massachusetts Institue of Technology (MIT): U.S.A

A discussion of best universities cannot be had without the mention of MIT. The university has a good rapport with big aerospace company NASA. Their robotics education has spawned some of the best robotics testings in the world, and they are currently testing out the robots that NASA intends to send to Mars in 2018. The university also recently showed off robots that can be swallowed by humans so that they can retrieve items that might have been accidentally ingested. 

2- California Institute of Technology AKA CalTech: USA

Engineers from this university  are so confident in their engineering designs that they are accusing Apple of stealing their WiFi technology . The engineers claim they have a patent on the technology that Apple is using in their devices. 

1 - Stanford University: U.S.A

Our personal favourite on this site. Some of the most impressive feats of engineering are reported from this university. They boast the greatest engineering research and development. Notably, their biomedical engineering projects are constantly redefining what is possible with medicine and engineering. Recently, researchers developed a home-based urine test that can diagnose a patient with almost nothing but a smartphone. 

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