If you're an engineering student currently studying towards your dream job, you've probably heard the question asked. When you make it into the industry, what is the dream company you'd want to work for? There's nothing wrong with setting your sights on some of the biggest engineering firms in the world because you never know when you might just get your big break. However, with thousands of fellow graduates getting their degrees and dreaming the same dreams, the industry is a tough one to compete in. Now, we have an idea of the most attractive engineering employers thanks to research group Universum. They have released their report titled The World's Most Attractive Employers 2016.

EIT Stock ImageThe study was conducted on 267,084 engineering, business and IT students. The countries included in the report are: Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, the UK and the USA. The Executive Director of CNN Money, Lex Haris, spoke about the legitimacy of the report, saying: "This is a critical time for the global economy and today's grads are the future leaders that will determine its fate. We wanted to hear directly from them. And Universum's survey gives us direct access to thousands of students in a dozen countries. 

So, we are looking at the millennials who are making their way into the respective engineering industries after graduating. Who do they want to work for? Here are the top 10 most attractive companies in engineering and information technology graduates' minds: 

Employer 2015 2016
Google     1 1
Microsoft 2 2
Apple 3 3
BMW Group 4 4
IBM 6 5
General Electric (GE) 5 6
Intel 7 7
Siemens 9 8
Samsung 11 9
Sony 8 10

Analysts point out the interesting fact that energy companies are not attractive places for engineering students, as prospective places of employment. It's all about the tech companies in 2016, it seems. Analysts also say the results show that the millennials are aspiring to work for companies that seemingly have well-balanced  work and lifestyle image. Interestingly, Google, Microsoft, Apple and BMW Group have retained their positions since last year, and IBM went up one position. 

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