Engineering salaries are on the rise according to industry players publishing new reports. The Economic Research Institute released a list of jobs in engineering that seemed to have gotten pay raises from 2014-2015. 

The results of the national salary increase:

  • Electronics and computer engineers - salary raise of 8.31%
  • Mechanical engineers - salary raise of 7.38%
  • Quality engineers - 7.36%

Meanwhile, StraitsTimes is reporting that in Singapore, the starting salaries of engineers in the public service sector will see a 20% hike. They explain this by indicating that currently the engineers make $3,800 a month, but that will rise to $4,000 per month, especially in the information and communications technology industry. 

Deputy Prime Minister Teo Chee Hean, who introduced the new hikes, said: "Salaries for engineers and ICT professionals vary across public agencies today. Some are already paying salaries that are largely competitive with the market while the salaries in other agencies lag significantly. In specific areas, we will pay a premium for engineers with skills that are in high demand and short supply such as cyber forensics and malware analysis, or those with niche skills that are critical and specific to the Government but for which there may be little market demand." 

Richard Zambacca, president of HR company Randstad Engineering, said: "As a lot of industries are growing, the demand is rising and everybody's competing for a lot of the same talent. Experienced people definitely have a chance for higher wages." 


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