Career Junction is a website in South Africa that has released their 2016 Salary Review for engineers. The research was conducted between October 2015 and February 2016 to investigate how engineering salaries start out at beginner positions, and then how the salary changes in a senior position.


Job Strarting - Skilled Top - Senior Percentage increase
Structural engineering  $2,328.80 $4,682.41 101.07%
Civil engineering  $2,065.79 $3,656.51 77.01%
Electronic engineering $1,936.58 $3,262.89 68.64%
Project engineering  $1,974.01 $3,133.62  58.74%
Mechanical engineering  $2,607.04 $4,116.20 57.89%
Chemical engineering  $1,836.12 $2,714.25 47.83%
Electrical engineering  $2,429.89 $3,563.25 46.62%
Industrial engineering $2,351.24 $3,174.21 35.18%

Building Construction

Job Starting - Skilled Top - Senior Percentage increase
Structural engineering  $2,330.44 $4,685.78 101.07%
Architectural technologist $1,071.59 $2,042.84 90.86%
Civil engineering  $2,066.37 $3654.43  77.01%
Artisan $1,220.95 $1992.63 63.20%
Quantity surveying $1,481.22 $2,375.55 60.69%
Electricians  $1292.28 $2,058.25 58.97%
Quality control & assurance $1347.72 $2105.94 56.26%
Draughtsman $1364.21 $2060.40 51.03%

These numbers are limited to South Africa, however, they could give engineers around the world a good idea what salaries look like elsewhere in the world and could apply to the industries they are currently working in. It should give an idea of what to expect based on what engineers are making in South Africa. Or the situation could be improved elsewhere in the world, meaning engineers would be happy where they are right now and not considering travelling overseas to find better opportunities. 

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