Four engineering students at the Indian Institute of Technology-Madras have saved their fellow peers some cents here and there. They developed a campus payment app called Paymint. The app can be used to pay for items on campus and then allow students to get their change in full. The students have highlighted an issue that sees students not getting correct change after a purchase at the university’s outlets.

Rajat Yadav, one of the engineering students who worked on the app said, “A major problem at the institute is getting small change back from shops. There are seven shops on the campus and often, shopkeepers will give us chocolates or some other product. We built a wallet that students can download and use on the campus.”

Yadav and his friend Shubam Jindal are final year students in civil and electrical engineering at IIT-M and put down Rs. 2 lakh ($2976.39) to kickstart the app’s development. They got their friends at the Birla Institute of Technology to assist them in the building of the app.

1,200 students are currently using the app, but that number will rise when they debut the app at an upcoming festival called Ranchi. The app is proof of what happens when engineers put their skill sets together and create something small that can assist the community in a big way.





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