Aerospace company Boeing plans to drastically increase it’s employment of engineers for future endeavours. Boeing Defence Australia’s (BDA) Director of Human Resources Melissa Davidson has announced that the organisation will create 220 new roles this year – including 197 for engineers – due to recently winning two major defence contracts.

Two contracts that are currently driving the employment growth in Boeing are the; Land 2072 Phase 2B system – a battlespace communications network, and the development of a training system for helicopter pilots that requires BDA to not only supply the aircrafts and training devices, but also the training, support, instructors and maintenance itself.

Boeing’s commitment to gender diversity is aiming to achieve at least 30 per cent of it’s new engineering employees to be female.

The projections from the Department of Employment has forecast an extra 1800 electronics engineers and 1600 electrical engineers will be required across Australia in the five years to November, 2019.

You can see if there are any job opportunities with Boeing at: www.boeing.com.au

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